Trump Speaks Snoop Dog Pal Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris

President Trump on Tuesday sentenced him to prison for the murder of Death Row Records co-founder Michael “Harry O” Harris and the trafficking of cocaine, a friend who advocated his release told The Post.

Harris, 59, was said to be pardoned at the Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution in California, said Weldon Angelos, who received his pardon from Trump in December.

Angelos said that Harris sent her an email stating, “Thank God. God is great. It seems the weight of the world has gone off my shoulders.”

The move comes shortly after it was revealed that rapper Snoop Dogg had secretly lobbied the White House on behalf of Harris.

Snoop’s efforts also came when he was a vocal critic of Trump – and even made a video in which he pretended to shoot a dress he wore as president.

Angelos, however, was credited with releasing Harris’ imminent release to First Daughter Ivanka Trump more than seven years earlier, scheduled to take place on 13 June 2028.

“A credit to this goes to Ivanka Trump because Ivanka Trump was not going to take an answer,” he said.

Angelo cited Ellis Johnson’s efforts to free Trump, the first drug criminal, from life imprisonment, and was later forgiven after lobbying by Kim Kardashian.

He said that Ivanka did it for Alice Johnson and it was a huge win for hip-hop.

Trump is expected to officially announce a batch of last-minute pardons on Wednesday before the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden.


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