Trump slams anti-China policies as he exits White House

  • According to several reports, Trump is preparing more sanctions and aggressive steps against China in the final weeks of his administration.
  • Authorities are looking at a menu of possible actions, including sanctions against individuals and institutions harming Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and preventing US investment in Chinese companies.
  • The Trump administration believes the new steps will leave the incoming Biden administration in boxing.
  • Washington’s relationship with Beijing has deteriorated on several issues, including the US-China trade war and China’s actions in Hong Kong.
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Outgoing President Trump plans to increase sanctions and other measures against China before leaving the White House, according to several reports.

Trump is considering several moves against the Communist Party of China, Bloomberg reported, including further sanctions, illegal fishing, and US tech companies against party officials and institutions involved in China’s persecution of Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Contains keeping away from sugar hygiene.

The expected moves over the next few weeks in relation to Washington’s relationship with Beijing, according to Bloomberg, are at least partially designed to undermine President-Elect Joe Biden.

CNN reported that the Trump administration believes it will be the box in the upcoming Biden administration when it works with Beijing, citing government officials.

Trump blamed Beijing on trade, action in Hong Kong with China, and outbreaks of coronovirus and termed “China virus”.

A report by Axios states that the Trump administration is also considering expanding the Department of Defense’s list of Chinese companies that are blocked from US investment because of their links with the Chinese military. The report states that authorities are taking further action against Beijing’s use of forced labor in the fishing industry.

A spokesman for the National Security Council, John Ullight, told both publications: “Until Beijing reverses course and becomes a responsible player on the global stage, future US presidents will call it political to reverse President Trump’s historic actions. Will be found suicidal. “

According to Axios, Trump’s team could fill Beijing’s senior government positions with those who have more stringent views on Beijing. Trump has already replaced several Pentagon officials with loyalists after losing the election to Biden.

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