Trump shares video where supporter yells ‘white power’

The pro-Trump parade twice exclaimed “white power” while holding up a fist and sitting next to another supporter singing “Trump.” Another person, who appeared to be an anti-Trump protester, pointed at him and replied, “There you go, white power.”

The golf cart caravan was greeted by anti-Trump seniors who were on the same street, holding signs against protesters saying “fanatical and racist Trump” and “Donald Trump white trash” and shouting profanity. towards supporters. One in the older crowd called a follower a “racist Nazi pig.”

Trump has frequently raised his eyebrows over his posts and has previously retweeted white supremacists.

The sprawling retirement community, located near Orlando, is very white and conservative, and therefore crucial to Trump’s reelection in Florida, a state that must win for him, where Real Clear Politics poll averages currently show it. behind Democrat Joe Biden by 7 percentage points.

The Villages is in three Florida counties, but much of it is in relatively small Sumter County, where voters have disproportionately higher rates than the rest of the state and vote disproportionately for Republicans.

In 2016, the Sumter County participation rate in Florida was approximately 10 points higher than the state participation rate. Trump won nearly 69 percent of the vote in 2016, a total of 30,092 votes representing nearly 27 percent of his statewide overall victory margin of 112,911 statewide in Florida, which he earned by just 1.19 points. percentage. Sumter County is 85 percent non-Hispanic whites; According to census figures, whites are 53 percent of Florida’s general population.

Marc Caputo contributed to this article.

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