Trump sees a boost with Latino voters. What is Biden doing about it?

More nuisance is being faced with Florida Latino voters showing President Donald Trump, who said the Biden campaign said it was voting and targeting more than any previous presidential campaigns in its race to gain Republican advantage is.

Matt Barreto, who took a break from the Latino Decisions voting firm to join the Democratic nominee’s campaign, told NBC News that he recently surveyed 1,800 Latinos in Florida. By comparison, for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, Barreto polled about 600 Hispanics in the state.

Increased voting “gives us the ability to see Latino voters, the way we’ve been seeing white voters for years, to microvariate them, to break them into separate groups – without a college degree, which Married. – Now we are bringing that level of sophistication to the Latino community, ”he said.

The added investment allows its digital ads and mailers to be matched to multiple subgroups of Latino voters who collide on issues that matter to them or in ways that resonate with them.

It is part of a scramble for votes in the major battlefield, with campaigns to divide Latino voters by their countries of origin and play by their cultural differences.

The Biden campaign refused to release the findings of its poll, but are taking a deep plunge at Latino voters, as it is seriously and focused on Florida. The campaign has been sparking panic for a week that Democrats’ elections have been stirred up because Trump has received stronger Hispanic support in the state than he did in 2016, even as Biden leads the state overall.

Experts believe that Trump’s bolted Latino has increased support among American voters in Cuba and Americans in Venezuela.

A Bendixon and Amandi / Miami Herald poll of 500 Miami-Dad voters, where most of the state’s Cuban American voters live, showed Trump with a 38-point lead over Biden with Cuban American voters. With Hispanic voters overall, they take about half of the vote in each region.

In 2016, while Clinton won the overall Latino vote with 62 percent, slightly more than half of Cuban Americans, 54 percent, voted for Trump.

Countering a relentless Republican message

Democrats in Florida began to sound the alarm early in the Biden campaign, warning that the party would not respond adequately to frequent Republican attacks against “socialist” Democrats in an appeal to more conservative Cuban American, Venezuelan and other Latino voters Was living

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have regularly visited South Florida and supported their tough stance against Cuba and Venezuela.

This past weekend, Biden countered the message that Trump’s policies on Venezuela and Cuba were described as “outrageous failures” in an interview with Miami’s NBC station, WTVJ, stating that these countries Life was spoiled under Trump.

Democrats have also recently been attacking Trump as a “Codillo”, or Strongman, whose flow of institutions is similar to that of Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

“We all knew that Florida would be close. We knew Cuban voters, but Venezuela and others were also conservative. That’s why early investment and strategy matter so much, ”Vanessa Cardenas, a Democratic strategist who left the Biden campaign during the primary season.

“At this stage, less than 50 days before the election, it’s like an all-hands-on-deck moment,” she said.

Stephanie Valencia, co-founder and president of EquisLabs, said that while Trump has expanded Cuban-American support, a recent Equis poll suggested that he could kill sealing with Cuban American voters.

A poll of 1,081 Latino voters in Florida, conducted by Equus Research on August 20-25, found 53 percent of respondents voted for Biden and 37 percent for Trump.

Nearly one-third of the respondents were Cuban-American, 24 percent Puerto Rican, 18 percent South-American, and 16 percent Spanish. Other Hispanic subgroups were in single digits.

“What’s really important for Democrats and Joe Biden is to tap into Cuban Americans who are undecided and may possibly support Joe Biden” and those with roots in Puerto Ricans, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica To reach. The Dominican Republic and other countries that were part of its voting sample.

Boosting Puerto Rican Vote?

About 3.1 million Latino are eligible to vote in Florida. In 2018, some of the fastest growth in registered voters has occurred in counties with large Puerto Rican populations.

Bernard Fraga, Emory University associate professor of political science, said the Biden campaign’s expanded turnout and targeted message are important because coronoviruses have an impact on voter registration campaigns and mobilization. He said that the narrative about low voter’s enthusiasm for Biden may reflect delays due to COVID-19.

“Trump can do really well between Cuban Americans and South Americans, but between Puerto Ricans, Biden is expected to do better. Freja said that this is a population that is difficult to consider how many people arrived recently.

In a bid for Puerto Rican voters, a recent Biden digital ad featured a song by artist Bad Bunny, who hails from the island. Titled “Pero Yes No” or “No More”, the ad featured a clip of Trump with families segregated at the border and protests in police cages and Trump’s paper towels being handed over to Purtick Recon, after which In 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

The campaign also created a version of a digital advertisement to appeal to other Latina groups using the song “Dececapione” (deception) by Mexican mariachi artist Alejandro Fernandez.

In keeping with Puerto Rican outreach, Biden recently retweeted a report on the Trump administration’s efforts Disability benefits withheld From Puerto Ricans. The campaign issued a statement recognizing the exile of Virgens de la Caridad de Cobre and Slamming, the patron saint of Cubans. Nicaraguan asylum seekers.

Trump’s campaign has not said whether to microvert Hispanic voters. In an emailed statement, the campaign said “we understand that Hispanics are not single-digit, unbroken voters” and that Biden and the Democrats have “left too far and are out of touch with Hispanic American voters.”

This week saw a massive scuffle for Florida voters. Trump campaigned in South Florida on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris traveled to Florida on Thursday and made an unannounced visit to Doral, home of Florida’s Venezuelan community. Venezuela is the fastest growing Latin subgroup of the country.

Barreto said expanded Latino voting and outreach is not limited to Florida only. Barretto said there have also been voting for other battlegrounds such as Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where there was no Hispanic turnout. The 1,800 Florida Latino turnout was part of a larger survey of 3,800, Barreto said.

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