Trump says that if ‘weak’ Biden can vote for a person, ‘any American can do it’

President Trump took to Twitter late on Monday night to vote in person for the Delaware primaries, and said that if the former Vice President can vote at a polling station, it’s clearly not too difficult for the average American .

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“Did you notice that Joe Biden – as frail, tired and sleepy, went to a polling place today to vote Delaware (of course!)?” If Biden can do it, any American can! “Trump tweeted.

Trump and Republicans have clashed between Democrats over mail-in voting. Trump has insisted that mail-in voting is rife with fraud. Biden has promoted the option, saying that “voting by mail is safe and secure.” Biden also called Trump in August to request a mail-in ballot for the Florida primary.

Trump 2020 campaign deputy national press secretary, Ken Fernaso, said at the time that Biden was universally confusing millions of Americans over mail and absentee voting – they are not the same thing. Fundamentally changing how Americans vote 81 days before an election that is inviting chaos in our election system. ”

Trump is encouraging voters to vote both in person and by mail because he said that if the system is as effective as Democrats say, that’s not the problem.

Trump recently asked voters in North Carolina to “ensure your ballot, sign and send it only. When the polls open, go to your polling place to see if it was COUNTED. If not, vote! Your signed ballot will not be counted because your vote has been posted. Do not let them take your vote away from you illegally. ”

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Twitter flagged Trump’s tweet as a violation of his “Civic Integrity Policy” and said twice voting in the state is illegal.

Fox News’ Marissa Shultes