Trump says police can ‘choke’ and shoot, discouraging vigilance

President Trump on Monday discouraged anti-riot vigilantes and defended police officers, who said he sometimes called them “cold” after the split-second decisions.

Trump said in response to a question about Kyle Rittenhouse, “I want law enforcement to take care of everything. It has long been accused of firing with a rifle. Two people shot dead in protest against police firing has been done.” Jacob Blake’s in Kenosha, Wis., Last week.

“We must return our dignity, respect, to our police,” Trump said Monday at a White House press conference.

Trump said that “everyone agrees that you have to be very strict on the bad cop,” but sometimes you have a cop or a cop who is good … but they get shocked Huh.

“They are literally a quarter to make some of these decisions, and they make a wrong decision. It’s very devastating,” he said.

“If they make the wrong decision in the other direction, they are probably dead. So they sometimes choke. And he goes on for the week on the evening news. And thousands and thousands of great things they do, no one includes it. ”

Trump expressed sympathy for the police as he prepares to visit the riot loss in Kenosha on Tuesday.

The president also expressed sympathy at the briefing for Rittenhouse, whose supporters say he may have fired in self-defense.

“It was an interesting situation. You saw the tape as I saw it and he was trying to get away from them, I think. It looks like. And he fell, and then they attacked him very violently.

“And it was something that we are watching right now and it is under investigation but I think he was in a lot of trouble. Had he been, he might have been killed. ”

Rittenhouse faces first-degree murder and other criminal charges.