Trump says Pfizer is taking ‘tremendous financial risk’ in developing coronovirus vaccine

President Trump said Wednesday that Pfizer was taking “tremendous financial risk” in developing a coronovirus vaccine, but the pharmaceutical giant is confident of the results.

Pfizer CEO Albert Borla has said that the company may know by October whether its potential vaccine is effective in combating COVID-19.

At a White House briefing, Trump told reporters, “They are taking a huge risk and they are actually spending billions of dollars to make this vaccine.” Convinced as the results. ”

He said the company would announce its findings “very soon.”

Trump also directed USCenters Director for Disease Control and Prevention. After Robert Redfield also disputed a deadline on a vaccine, telling Congress earlier in the day that it would be ready for the public, possibly by the third quarter of next year.

Trump said he believed Redfield was “confused.”

“I think they made a mistake when they said that. It’s just misinformation,” Trump said.

They stated that the first vaccine dose could be delivered soon after preparation. The development of a vaccine is part of the “Operation Taunting Speed”, the Trump administration’s $ 1.95 billion deal with Pfizer and German firm BioNotech.

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Borla of Pfizer recently said there is a “good chance” it will know by the end of October whether the company’s potential vaccine will work.

“We have a fairly good chance in our best case – over 60% – but we’ll know if the product works by the end of October,” Borla said in a recent interview. “It doesn’t mean that it works, it means we’ll know if it works.”

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