Trump says Joe Biden ‘plagiarized’ his new economic plan

President Trump said Friday that Democratic rival Joe Biden “plagiarized” his new “Buy American” economic plan.

“He plagiarized me. But he can never do it, he likes to plagiarize, “Trump told reporters on the White House lawn.

Biden also ran for president in 1988, but retired due to a plagiarism scandal. He was exposed for using the British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock without credit lines in one of his speeches.

Trump did not specify what Biden plagiarized, but the news came after observers noted the similarities between Biden’s new economic message and Trump’s more established economic nationalism.

On Thursday, Biden unveiled his economic plan with slogans including “Make it in America,” “Buy American,” and “Stand up for America.” The plan calls for a boost in the purchase of national products and more funds for research.

Trump on Friday criticized other parts of Biden’s plan, which calls for investments in green products. Biden did not say whether the new expenses in his plan require higher taxes.

“It is a very radical left, but it said the right thing because it is copying what I have done,” Trump said.

“But the difference is that it cannot do it. And he knows he is not doing that. It cannot be the same because you are raising taxes too much. It is raising everyone’s taxes. It is also reapplying huge amounts of regulation. And those two things are two main reasons why I created the biggest economy we’ve ever had. And now we are creating it again. “

Trump this year ended the North American Free Trade Agreement that Biden as a senator supported. Trump argued that it was bad for American workers and added anti-outsourcing provisions to the new agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

As vice president, Biden hailed the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations on a trade deal with Pacific countries as “a game changer.” Trump killed the TPP talks, saying it could cost jobs in the United States.