Trump says he will finally accept the Republican nomination in North Carolina

Trump told WRAL that he would announce the exact location of his North Carolina acceptance speech in the coming week.

Before the coronovirus epidemic, the Republican National Convention was scheduled to take place in Charlotte. But during cases and deaths in North Carolina climbed over spring, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper A scale-down convention was required.

Trump stressed the possible denial of a blockbuster incident and wrote on Twitter on June 2 that he would Proceeding to the main action of the session Away from North Carolina.

Nine days later, A RNC selected Jacksonville With Trump as his new destination to deliver the main acceptance address as part of a multi-night show. But Florida’s Kovid-19 caseload proved the shift in Jacksonville to be fraught with complications, sifting the state’s resources.

As recently as July 21, Trump campaign officials were reassuring the public Event can run safely, Even local law enforcement gave warning signs. Trump officially closed the Jacksonville event on July 23.

“It’s just not the right time,” Trump said.

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