Trump says he fired Michael Flynn & # 39; because he lied to him & # 39; to F.B.I. –

Trump says he fired Michael Flynn & # 39; because he lied to him & # 39; to F.B.I.


Mr. Dowd apologized to White House officials for the tweet, saying he should have been more careful with his language in trying to repeat the statement released on Friday by another Trump lawyer, Ty Cobb.

It is unclear if Mr. Trump ever said that the FBI believed that Mr. Flynn had lied in his interview with the agents. Shortly after the acting attorney general, Sally Q. Yates, told White House attorney Donald F. McGahn II in January that Mr. Flynn could be in danger because he had cheated the vice president, Mr. McGahn. He informed Mr. Trump, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Mr. McGahn told Mr. Trump that Ms. Yates had the impression that the federal authorities were not pursuing a case against Mr. Flynn for lying to the F.B.I., according to one of the people. It is unclear if the president understood that this means that Mr. Flynn had been acquitted.

The president's attorney believed Ms. Yates, in part, because she had not told him that Mr. Flynn should be fired or lose his security clearance. said the person. In later conversations between Mr. Trump and Mr. McGahn about whether Mr. Flynn should be fired, Mr. Trump did not cite Mr. Flynn's veracity with the FBI

. It goes against the wishes of his badistants , Mr. Trump spoke with reporters outside the White House on Saturday. But he only repeated his claim that there had been no "collusion" with Russia. Saturday's tweet, however, was quickly seen by several aides of the White House.

Since Mr. Flynn was fired, Mr. Trump has insisted that his national security adviser did nothing wrong in speaking with the Russian ambbadador. He repeated that in his tweet.

"It's a shame because his actions during the transition were legal," he said. "There was nothing to hide!"

Mr. Trump spent Saturday in New York attending two fundraising events for the Republican National Committee. He did not mention Mr. Flynn or the Russian investigation in his comments on any of the collections, according to two people who attended them.

In conversations with advisers on Friday and Saturday, Mr. Trump was relatively moderate. He made no dramatic statements about the Russian investigation, although he asked several advisers what the plea agreement of Mr. Flynn could mean.

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