Trump says Biden ‘won’ but repeats unfounded claims of election fraud – Live coverage | News of america

… and welcome to another day of coverage of American politics, the outbreak of coronovirus in America and the politics of outbreak of coronavirus in America – which are, as usual, inter-twinized and all-consuming.

Trump supporters came to Washington on Saturday, Trump left Washington to play golf, and at the end of the day Johns Hopkins University had counted 166,000 or more new Kovid cases nationwide.

Trump is refusing to give up to Joe Biden, who won Electoral College by 306–232, as it does the same result when, over Hillary Clinton, Trump called a landslide. Trump’s legal efforts to matter in major states are going nowhere, Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, but Trump is pulling it out.

Welcome to the dark, damp influence of American politics in the fall of 2020.

Instead of working on his concession speech, or for the proper transition of power for the new man, or even to allow basic national security briefings, or even to contain those balloon numbers Acting vigorously, Trump was placed in the White House …:

Donald J. Trump

Hence @Fox News Days and weekends have lost their ratings. They abound @ alfredenewman1 (Pete, mayor of Indiana’s most unsuccessful city over the Republic!) Many great options are being made and exist. try @OANN And @newsmax, among others!

November 15, 2020

Attacking Fox News is Trump’s current thing. Fox News has pushed back, at least when it comes to questioning its ratings, if not when it comes to pushing promo videos when it comes out Trump’s election intrigues To the public.

Trump doesn’t seem to have tagged the real Alfred E Newman, Which means, differently spelled magazine Mascot, meaning not a real person, in itself Attempt to insult Pete Buttigg, the former South Bend mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful, is a recent regular Fox News guest, and liberals celebrated for it.

The user behind this account named “Alfred E. Newman” describes himself as “a lover of music, boxing and bike racing”. Lifelong Leeds Utd fan. Occasionally confused and constantly self-titled“.

No further questions, Your Honor.

Not too much but overweight imports to come. To read a little more about Trump and Fox News read here


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