Trump says America’s efforts after coronovirus’s death are very good

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In an interview with Axios, Trump stated that COVID-19’s death toll is “what it is.”

Continuing to offer misleading comparisons of US mortality rates compared to other countries, President Donald Trump said at a news conference Tuesday evening that “strong mitigation efforts” are working very well and reducing the numbers , Which he called the country’s economy and “magnificent”. Dealing with the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump said, “Great power and great news really is, in particular, for states like Michigan and Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania.” Tuesday.

“Thanks to substantial improvements in treatment and the knowledge we have gained about this disease, the recent increase in cases has not been accompanied by a significant increase in deaths,” he continued in prepared remarks. “Countrywide plagues are at almost half of the April peak.”

This coronovirus response coordinator Drs. Deborah comes on the heels of the Beerks, who Trump publicly criticized for the first time on Monday, in a call that expected governors to cause deaths in hotspot areas.

According to an audio recording of the meeting obtained by ABC News, “We are seeing an increase in mortality over the next two weeks.”

Despite reports of continued delays in achieving results, Trump continued to defer the nation’s testing capabilities on Tuesday.

“We’ve done an incredible amount of work and testing. Nobody in the world has done the same thing. Other leaders have told me the same thing. They can’t believe we’re capable of doing it,” Trump claimed.

Faced with the fact that Johns Hopkins University ranks American fourth in the ratio of coronovirus deaths, Trump told a reporter that he has “four or five different lists” on the case and that America is “the lowest” ” is.

“In fact the number is lower than the others, we are proportionally lower than almost all countries, at the bottom of the list and relative to cases, we are at the bottom of the list – which is a good thing at the bottom of the list. , “He claimed.

Although coronovirus cases are on the rise in the US and deaths rise, Trump defends in an interview aired late on Monday at HBO and doubled it when he called “positive thinking” about the epidemic.

When Jonathan Swann of Axios challenged him with the reality that 1,000 Americans are dying a day, Trump said: “They are dying. this is true. And you have – it is what it is – but that does not mean that we are not doing everything that we can. It is under control, as much as you can control it. ”

Tuesday’s briefing comes as negotiations between the White House and Democratic leadership in another round of coronovirus relief show little-to-no sign of progress.

Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin told reporters after talks with Democrats on Tuesday that the two sides had agreed to try to reach an agreement by the end of the week.

ABC News has learned that Democrats in negotiations with the administration have asked for an additional $ 300 billion fee for schools, an amount passed by the House in May in their 3.4 trillion relief bill, while Republicans are reporting that they The situation itself is far from integration, further complicating mathematics for a deal.

In the absence of the bill, Trump said he is still considering taking executive action, citing eviction protection for American workers and paying tax cuts.

When asked whether the president’s move was still on the table on Tuesday afternoon, Mnuchin replied, “Absolutely.”

ABC News’ Catherine Falls contributed to this report.

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