Trump said about ‘deep state motives, alter CDC virus reports’

In a disturbing new report by POLITICO, the president’s politically appointed cronies intervened and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports to better align with publicly reported messages about the Tron’s virus Is changing

Friday’s exclusive communications administration aide to Polico, including former Trump campaign official and Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs for the Department of Health and Human Services, Michael Cappo – who has no medical or scientific qualifications – on CDC officials Pressure to “send email” to change language successfully. “In the Agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). These reports, which the CDC has produced for decades, are distributed to doctors and health officials in the frontline and are aimed at the government’s most up-to-date information on the virus and how it spreads.

In an email to CDC director Robert Redfield, Politico reported, politically appointed communications officials “openly complained that the agency’s report would undermine optimistic messages about President Donald Trump’s outbreak.” And, although other officials of the CDC have pushed back and historically refused to make some significant changes to the non-political and critical scientific MMWR weekly report, the pressures almost led to a report advising against doctors Done as a result of month delay. Describing the trump-endorsed drug hydroxychloroquine.

Caputo claims the intervention is an attempt to thwart an untrue conspiracy that some supporters of the president relied on to do Trump’s dirty work to compromise his nefarious behavior: the alleged “deep state.”

“Our objective is to ensure that the evidence, science-based data drive policy through this epidemic – is not the intention of the CDC to vomit deep into the bowel,” Caputo told POLITICO.

In an email sent to Redfield on August 8, an advisor to Caputo, Drs. Paul Alexander, who deceived CDC scientists, called their reports a “hit piece” and alleged that the agency deliberately exaggerated the virus’s impact on children to “harm children” on the president. “While Trump pushed for schools to reopen.

“The CDC, to me, appears to be writing hit pieces on the administration,” Alexander’s email stated, “The CDC tried to report as if once the children were together, there would be a spill and that would lead to school again. Will open up… Very deceptive and shameful to them by the CDC. Their purpose is clear. ”Of course, anyone who has followed this news knows that many schools in many states have people learning in-person After being properly restored, it was discontinued as the virus spread to the students.

On Saturday, Emory University School of Medicine professor Carlos Del Rio responded to the report in an interview with CNN, calling it a “related topic”. He also spoke about the importance of MMWR to the scientific community worldwide.

Del Rio concluded by stating that although they would continue to look at the report for information, they would “start reading it with a degree of skepticism.”

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