Trump RNC speech strong; Biden still ahead –

Trump RNC speech strong; Biden still ahead

President Donald Trump made a “well-articulated” argument for a second term to close the Republican National Convention, according to longtime GOP pollster Frank Luntz.

“He made a very strong case for everything that happened in the last four years with his daughter Ivanka,” CNBC’s “Squawk Box” said on Friday. “I think it was well given as a backdrop with the White House. And we can debate whether that’s legal or not, but in terms of content, in terms of content, in terms of the show In context, it is about the performance of the Republican Party. ”

More than 70 minutes of Trump’s speech Thursday night from the South Lawn of the White House served as a prohibition for a four-day GOP convention that was replaced by a coronovirus epidemic, a week after the Democratic Party voted on its own Wrote the Nominee Conference.

Luntz, who praised Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s acceptance speech last week, said he thought that with both major party conventions in the books, “there really shouldn’t be any unspecified voters right now because both candidates for president There is no similarity between. ”

“Donald Trump made a strong case for Joe Biden’s policies being dangerous for the country. Joe Biden made a strong case for why Donald Trump is no longer qualified to lead the country. Both disqualified the other Did an excellent job declaring. ” Honored Luntz, who attended Trump’s speech along with hundreds of others.

At the same time, Luntz, known for his focus groups of voters, said he believed the key speeches of both candidates had shortcomings. “I’m not sure either has done enough to defend himself, and that’s American politics today – why the other side is wrong and why the other side doesn’t deserve to be president.”

Luntz said last week he felt the former vice-president’s address was light on substance and specific policy proposals. He also warned that Trump might be at risk of using “over-caffeinated rhetoric” in his speech, possibly shutting down key voters in the middle who might favor the president’s economic agenda but ” Can’t be in person like Donald Trump. ”

“At times during the speech he went too far, as he often does. He is the idea that he is the best president for African president since Abraham Lincoln. I think he is Lyndon Johnson and the 1960s Are forgetting all the work, ”Luntz said. Friday.

But Luntz said he also thought Trump gave several lines throughout the speech that represented new and effective lines of attack on Biden. “He talked about anarchism and anarchism versus socialism, and this is actually the first time I’ve heard that he tries to define Biden with a word and language that’s different from what he’s been saying in the past . ” He said, “I felt that their best line was, ‘How can the Democrat Party lead our country when they spend so much time tearing down our country?”

According to Realkepolitics, Biden leads Trump’s 7.1 percentage points in national elections last week, down from 7.6% points this time.

On Wednesday, a CNBC / Change Research poll of voters in six critical swing states found that Trump’s approval rating had risen by two percent to 48%, compared to 52% of voters who disapproved. The poll found Biden leading Trump in major states with a margin of 49% to 46%.

“At the moment, it’s a Biden election,” Luntz said. “But I say it emphatically, this is very close to the election call. Debate matters. We have record viewership.”


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