Trump responds two-word to NFL players kneeling before Thanksgiving Day game

President Trump kneeled the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans players before their Thanksgiving game football games during the national anthem.

Trump offered a two-word response on Twitter to pictures of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his Texas counterpart, Pa. Watson, kneeling in protest against police brutality and racism in the US

Matthew Stafford, Country Watson, Kinnar Dargah overtakes the game for lions

“no, thanks!” She wrote.

Trump severely criticized the players for kneeling during the anthem, accusing the players of insulting the military. However, many players have said that their opposition has nothing to do with the military and instead has everything to do with social injustice.

Players have knelt during the national anthem since the first week of the NFL season after a week of racial tension and protests following the deaths of several blacks in police incidents.

NFL broadcasts showed protests during the anthem during the start of the season, but closed as the season continued.


Stafford explained to reporters in the first season why he was kneeling during the anthem.

“Just felt like it was the right thing at the right time,” he said in September via MLive. “Obviously it has become a wonderful child for our team, a lot of people, where there is a great opportunity for growth and learning and understanding, and just felt that it was the right thing for me.”

The Texans made a statement before their opening game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The team opted to stay in the locker room while playing the national anthem and “lift every voice and sing”, also known as the black national anthem. He then joined the main players in “Moments of Unity”.

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The demonstrations were a part of the league’s effort to promote social justice issues. The league also featured “end racism” in the teams’ end zones.

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