Trump rescinded the rule by prohibiting White House staff from lobbying

After Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to “flee the swag,” he ended his presidency by repealing his own rule to prevent White House staff from lobbying.

Shortly after entering office, Trump signed an executive order prohibiting any lobbying related to his agency for five years, in addition to a lifetime ban on lobbying foreign agencies. Each Trump appointee was required to sign a pledge to agree to those rules. But in a final minute early Wednesday, Trump overturned the order and allowed the revolving door in Washington to keep swinging.

When Trump signed his executive order with great pomp in 2017, he joked that some of his colleagues “would not be able to go to work” after he went out of his administration. But reversing Trump’s executive order on the last day in office will see some of his employees relieved, as recruiters have had difficulty finding jobs in a Democratic-controlled capital.

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