Trump rages at election coverage: ‘Other than that, Happy Easter’

Former President Trump included a short Easter message in a statement defending his unproven allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

In the statement, released by Trump’s PAC Save America on Friday night, the 45th president criticized “fake media” for saying their claims were “unfounded, unfounded, unjustified, etc.” when talking about the November elections.

“Sadly, there was massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and a lot of very angry people get it,” he said.

Trump claimed that new information would be released to back up his claims, although the former president and his Republican allies filed more than 60 post-election lawsuits, and almost all of them were dismissed due to lack of legitimacy or evidence.

“With each passing day, and unfortunately for the CRAZY Radical Left, more and more facts are coming out,” Trump said Friday.

Trump concluded his statement with a cheery Easter greeting, writing: “Other than that, Happy Easter!”

The former president has continued to question the electoral process, sharing claims of widespread electoral fraud after numerous courts dismissed his team’s electoral challenges in various battle states last year.

Republicans, expressing concern about the security of America’s voting system, have called for stricter voting laws across the country, efforts that have been criticized by Democrats and voting rights activists.

Georgia recently caused quite a stir by passing a voting reform bill, with critics arguing that it deprives certain groups of voters. Republicans have defended the new law as an effort to curb potential fraud.


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