Trump puts business back on 2020 agenda

In just six hours on Thursday, President TrumpDonald John Trumpdevine tests negative for coronavirus The second time many GOP lawmakers expressed concern over Trump’s executive orders Beirut later supports trial for US ally and to disappoint more Two major trade actions: re-imposing aluminum tariffs on Canada and banning the use of two major China-based apps.

The moves surprised and alarmed business watchers.

For most of this year, Trump has largely curtailed the escalating trade wars, which define much of his presidency in 2018 and 2019. Experts now worry that their aggressive and seemingly unpredictable actions on trade before the election are redefining an economy. From the epidemic.

“This recent Trump reelection of action reflects a decision by the team that they need a pair of very clear messages to win,” said Gary Huffbauer, trade expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.

“It will be a continuous and a stirring drama till the election, and probably by 20 January,” he said.

Trump, riding a wave of anti-trade at the White House in 2016, turned a corner over the past year to sign a “phase one” agreement with China in January, the United States Canada Mexico Agreement Was finalized.

But in the elections, they estimate that the Democratic candidates are Democratic Joe BidenJoe Bidenbaden says Trump executive order ‘is a reckless war on Social Security’ Trump found in exchange of testimony with top GOP Donor Adelson: report Blumental collapse of materials detailing Russian threat to US elections Called for Nationally and in major battlegrounds, Trump has once again increased the heat on trade.

Speaking at a Whirlpool factory in Ohio on Thursday, he announced a reunion of Aluminum tariff On Canada.

Trump said, “Several months ago, my administration agreed to lift those tariffs in exchange for a promise from the Canadian government that its aluminum industry would not flood our country with exports and kill all our aluminum jobs , Which they did. “

Hufbauer characterized Trump’s move as a political currency than providing economic benefits to the US

Hubauer said, “The aluminum tariff has no support from the business community, including aluminum producers in the US.”

Canada swiftly reacted to Trump’s announcement, imposing his own counter-tariffs on American aluminum products.

More ominously, Trump indicated that there was some big task.

“I’m going to sign something very important in the next, maybe, week. And it will have a tremendous impact on fairness and business,” he said on Thursday.

On the same day, he announced executive orders that would inevitably ban China-based apps TikTok and WeChat in late September, part of a series with China that included the Secretary of State Mike pompeoMichael (Mike) Richard Pompeboirut later sets out against Trump pick for ambassador to Germany, advocacy group to disarm ally to test for US aid The US pledges million in disaster aid to Lebanese peacock Of Formally rejecting Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.

“This action was not divorced by the trade war,” said Almomega Advisors founder Peter Cecchini, referring to Pompeo.

The South China Sea, Cecchini, is a major shipping route.

Trump and Canada’s targets in quick succession drew some criticism on Capitol Hill, especially since Canada is seen as a reliable ally and neighbor.

The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said, “President Trump is right to continue his struggle with China for his unfair trade practices.” Chuck GrassleyCharles (Chuck) Ernest Graslemconell goes hand in hand over coronovirus relief bill GOP presidents have beaten back on accusations that they are spreading disinfectants with Biden investigation over money: unemployment debate upset GOP divisions. The epidemic exposed the flaws of unemployment insurance programs. Surveys show that about one-third of reworked workers are re-assigned to MORE (R-Iowa) said. “The administration should work with Canada to focus on ending China’s trade abuse.”

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard NeilRichard Edmund Naleden says Trump executive order is ‘a reckless war on social security’ conservatives have urged Trump to take unilateral action to suspend payroll tax collection for Trump after universities tweet Review the tax-exempt status policy. (D-Mass.) Was more important.

He said, “The President has consistently shortened America’s workers and industry with its absurd policies and half-baked policies.” This is only one more example. “

Tori Smith, a trade expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said the new trade barriers would only ease the economic recovery.

“It makes it very clear that the administration is not really prioritizing nor a pro-growth business strategy,” she said.

What Trump does next is trade watchers, and markets, on the sidelines.

One possible move involves ending the phase one deal altogether and incorporating tariffs on China. As the coronovirus epidemic set in, Trump said on several occasions that he was “torn” as to whether to keep the deal alive.

Another possible avenue would be the unprecedented use of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) to impose tariffs under the guise of an emergency. Last year, Trump threatened to use those powers against Mexico over illegal immigration but later withdrew.

IEEPA was the basis of Trump’s executive orders on Tickcock and WeChat.

A significant increase on any trade dispute could send markets back to a tailspin and weaken businesses with conflicts less than three months before the election.

But Cecchini believes that markets are more concerned with immediate issues, and the widespread damage to consumers and the economy is likely that the line will fall further.

“Right now, people are blinded by other things, the epidemic recovery and the fiscal response to that,” he said.

“So over time it will matter – it will be the biggest risk to the market – right now people are focusing on other things.”


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