Trump pushes Republicans to a tax review while Congress faces a busy month


President Trump will welcome key Republicans to the White House on Monday to push forward a tax reform plan that has been complicated by a year-end legislative race in Congress.

Several Republican senators are expressing reservations about the tax review, a $ 1.5 billion package that could become Trump's first major accomplishment in office, but has little public support among voters.

Trump said the revisions are made in an appeal to reluctant Republicans by inviting several members of the Senate Finance Committee for lunch. The president will also meet with all the Republican senators on Tuesday at the Capitol.

"The Tax Cut project is coming very well, with great support," Trump tweeted on Monday morning. "With just a few changes, some mathematicians, the middle clbad and job producers can get even more in dollars and real savings and the provision of step becomes simpler and really works well."

Advancing tax reform has entangled other elements of the upcoming agenda. Congress must reach a budget settlement soon or risk a government shutdown next week, but the price of $ 1.5 billion has raised concern among the few hawks of the deficit left in the Senate.

Lawmakers are also considering an Obamacare solution to avoid the rising premiums that some senators want to complete before accepting the tax bill, which includes repealing the Affordable Care Act mandate that Americans have insurance. .

Other senators want an end-of-year immigration agreement for immigrant youth known as "Dreamers," who face deportation early next year when Trump plans to finish a program that allows them to stay in the country temporarily with work permits. .

The tax package, however, remains the Republican Party's top priority as Republicans prepare to close the year with few legislative achievements.

Although polls show that the majority of voters oppose the revision of taxes, which reduces taxes on businesses, reduces some individual fees and eliminates ingenuity. Many popular deductions: most Republicans support it.

The House has already approved its version of the tax bill, and the Senate plan will be voted on this week. With a narrow majority of 52 seats in the Senate, Republicans can only save two votes if Vice President Mike Pence breaks a tie.

The tax package got a boost on Monday when Senator Rand Paul (Republican for Kentucky) announced he would back the package.

"This bill is not perfect," Paul wrote in an op-ed on "The next few weeks in Washington will be important, will we keep our word and lower taxes?"

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