Trump praises JP Morgan for asking trading staff to return to office

President Trump on Friday praised the country’s largest bank for bringing its top business employees back to office after months of remote work.

Trump tweeted, “Congratulations to JP Morgan Chase for ordering everyone back on September 21.” “It will always be better than working from home!”

JP Morgan told senior employees of sales and trading operations in London and New York that he and his teams should return to office on 21 September, a person familiar with the matter told Fox Business.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Thursday.

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Employees who have medical conditions that make them more susceptible to COVID-19 complications, or who live with someone considering an increased risk of serious illness, may continue to work from home . This exemption also applies to employees with childcare issues.

Companies that have allowed their employees to work for most of the year face the challenge of recalling them. Colleges and universities welcomed thousands of students back to their campuses who are now surrounded by COVID-19 cases.

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However, Trump has repeatedly pushed for a return to normal in the months following the virus, leading the US to shut down the nation’s economy unprecedentedly. (His reelection campaign released a bulleted list of 50 resolutions three weeks ago ahead of the Republican National Convention, with a major goal being “to return to normal in 2021”).

The president often remained associated with the New York government. Andrew Kyomo, a Democrat who did more than his responsibility to reopen the state.

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New York’s COVID-19 infection rate has remained below 1% for a month, a milestone for a city that was once the global epicenter of the virus. In five burrows alone, 23,741 people died from the virus.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday, “New York City must close now.” “Governor and Mayor destroying the place!” By the end of September, individual education in public schools will resume and indoor bars and restaurants will reopen at a 25% capacity.

In a letter sent to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday, more than 160 business leaders, including Citigroup, MasterCard, Bank of America and Nasdaq officials, warned of “widespread concern” over the deteriorating state of the city in the wake of the epidemic. .

“We need to send a strong, consistent message that our employees, customers, customers and visitors are coming back to a safe and healthy work environment,” he wrote. “People will be slow to return unless they quickly address their concerns about safety and with respect and fairness to our city’s diverse population.”

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