Trump plans the future and revenge from sunny Florida links

He typically spends his mornings at his nearby golf course, making and receiving calls from a golf cart that doubles as his autonomous mobile office. Multiple trips to the golf courses in recent weeks have served to achieve a long-promised goal, says someone who spent time with him recently: Donald Trump claims he has increased his drive by 20 yards, a new favorite boast of golf buddies. or anyone who listens.

Eighteen holes later, he leaves his Trump International Golf Club and returns to Mar-a-Lago, where he retreats into his rooms to his own private living space, separate from his wife’s, and ponders two main questions: Who is he? with the? ? And who is against him?

“Once 2022 gets underway, expect Don (Trump Jr.) to be an extremely active presence in the election campaign,” a person working with Trump Jr. told CNN, confirming not only young Trump’s taste for the political battle, but the former president, too.

The influence of Donald Trump in the elections is becoming clearer every day. On Tuesday, former Senator David Perdue announced that he will not launch a campaign, although he had recently submitted documents to do so. The decision closely follows Perdue’s recent visit to Palm Beach, where he played golf with Trump, says a person familiar with the Georgia Republican’s schedule.

On Tuesday night, according to The Washington Post, Trump met with Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee. The quest, say those familiar with visits and calls from various Republican politicians, is to find out where the former president’s head is on the future of the party and whether he is inclined to help or oppose a particular person.

“We’ve seen this for years – offers of encouragement from Trump that look more like gangster threats of ‘a nice little business you have here,'” says Doug Heye, longtime Republican strategist and consultant who previously worked in communication positions. Senior for Leadership on Capitol Hill. “The problem with these candidates moving forward is that even though they always strive to score points, Donald Trump doesn’t award points, he just takes them away. One at a time.”

Ever-changing family dynamics

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner move from DC and rent a luxury condo in Miami
In Mar-a-Lago, the family is closing ranks around the former president and his plans, but the leader of Trump’s next-generation policy is not Ivanka Trump, long thought to be heir to his dominance. father, whether in real estate or politics. She has been the subject of effusive comments from Trump: in 2019, at the same time, she promoted Ivanka Trump as US ambassador to the United Nations and as director of the World Bank, and in an interview with The Atlantic she said she would be. ” very hard to beat “if she ran for president herself. But apparently Ivanka Trump not only has zero interest in politics right now, three people close to her tell CNN, but she has also been outclassed with Trump’s base by her older brother.

In 2019, it was clear that Trump Jr. was the over-the-top Republican the rank and file couldn’t live without. Not only was Trump Jr. in high demand for appearances and events, he was also filling theaters, spewing conspiracy theories on social media, unconcerned with his attacks on Democrats, so-called RINOs (Republicans in name only), and anyone who did not. according to Trump’s theories and policies, truthful or not.

Ivanka Trump, now settled in an expensive Miami seaside condo while a new mansion is being built nearby on a $ 30 million piece of land bought late last year, wants “nothing to do with politics,” said a friend of hers. about your current state of mind. .

Instead, she is “settling her family, and that is her only goal,” the friend said.

Trump has been to Mar-a-Lago to visit his father since he moved to Florida, says another person familiar with his comings and goings, but his interest in discussing his father’s next move in the White House is nil. Trump’s five years in the campaign and in the White House “were many,” her friend told CNN, and talking about a political future is prohibited. Paparazzi have captured photos of Trump in recent weeks, most lounging on the beach adjacent to his new home. One day the Dalai Lama saw her reading “The Book of Joy”.

But the lack of interest in political commitment, while understandable, paves the way for his brother to shine even more in his father’s orbit, even if he is not the favorite son. (In a 2019 interview, Trump said of his eldest son, “Don, uh, he enjoys politics; he’s really good actually.”)

Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, have served as highly effective surrogates for their father for nearly three years, almost as long as the couple have been a couple, and they show no signs of slowing down. Next week, the couple will host a high-dollar fundraising event in Mar-a-Lago for Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a person with knowledge of the event told CNN.

Noem is set for reelection in 2022, and the $ 1,000-per-person event will technically be Trump and Guilfoyle’s first official foray into the election cycle. The party’s VIP experience, according to the familiar person, includes participation in a panel discussion with Noem, Trump, and Guilfoyle, as well as a photo – the price of the enhanced face time is $ 4,000 per person. It’s not known if the former president will make an appearance, but Noem is a friend: He once gifted the then-president with a $ 1,100 4-foot replica of Miount Rushmore with his face included, according to a New York Times report.

Sun State Headquarters

Trump to speak at CPAC in his first public appearance since leaving the White House, while Pence declines the invitation

Like his sister, Ivanka Trump, and his half-sister, Tiffany Trump, who also recently moved to Miami, Trump Jr. intends to make the Sunshine State his permanent residence. Two people with knowledge of the situation said he intends to reach out to his ex-wife, Vanessa Trump, and the couple’s five children.

Vanessa Trump spends much of the year in Jupiter, Florida, where her ex-husband has been looking at an $ 11 million waterfront mansion in the city’s exclusive Admiral’s Cove development. A person familiar with Trump Jr.’s ventures did not confirm the purchase of the home, which real estate records show is under a pending contract for sale, and a representative for the real estate firm handling the sale declined to comment. to CNN about speculation that Trump is the buyer.

But the commitment to Florida, an enthusiastic and Trump-friendly state that the former president won last November, indicates that the Trumps are not tied to New York City as their center. Furthermore, it is much nicer for Trump to welcome visitors to Mar-a-Lago, which has a built-in audience of members, many of whom are sycophants as well.

A person familiar with Trump’s activities at Mar-a-Lago says he increasingly acts as the club’s executive director, involved in operations, renovations and membership. For a time, his Palm Beach neighbors expressed disdain that Trump lived just blocks from their multi-million dollar mansions, an interruption they no longer wanted to endure after the past four years of security and privacy challenges.

“I really don’t think most Palm Beachers are thinking about Trump any longer. He never really leaves his two clubs,” said Laurence Leamer, part-time resident of Palm Beach and author of two revelations about the area. “Madness Under the Royal Palms “and” Mar-a-Lago: Inside the gates of power in Donald Trump’s Presidential Palace. “

Trump is habitual, making it much easier for those who want to find him, seek his blessing, or apologize for turning their backs – a practice Heye believes will only increase in the coming months.

“For many, loyalty never ends. But part of Trump’s gamble when his campaign got serious was that the party would bow to him, he would not bow to the party. He was right,” he said.

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