Trump Opposes CDC Chief on Coronovirus Vaccine: Live News | Coronavirus epidemic news

  • United States President Donald Trump has claimed that there will be a coronovirus vaccine in weeks, unlike the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • The United Nations is warning that coronaiores may be more widespread in Syria as official data show that in about 90 percent of cases, they are unable to locate a known source.
  • The world’s largest rubber glove making company – Malaysia’s Top Glove – is expected to announce record profits as the epidemic increases demand.
  • According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 29.7 million people worldwide have died of coronavirus and 938,820. Some 20.2 million people have recovered.

Here are the latest updates:

Thursday, September 17

05:15 GMT – Survey found that people in Asia blame some groups for COVID-19

Almost one in two people in four Asian countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Pakistan – Some groups blame for the spread of COVID-19 This includes foreigners, people attending religious ceremonies and not following rules on matters such as wearing masks or physical disturbances.

Vivian Flack, Community Engagement and Accountability Coordinator at the International Association of Red Cross and Red Crescent Asia Pacific, who conducted the survey, described the findings as alarming.

“We are very concerned that sensitive groups such as migrants and those who cannot afford protective equipment can be discriminated against because of stigma and fear,” he said in a statement. The survey also found four out of five people mistrusting social media, despite it being one of the major sources of information about the virus.

05:00 GMT – Travel is not a destination, airlines offer flights anywhere

According to the news agency Reuters, more embattled airlines from Asia Pacific are offering “flights to none” as epidemic international travel.

Offering a seven-hour flight over the Outback and Great Barrier Reef to Australia, Kentus is the latest to join the trend, which sold out in 10 minutes despite a starting price of 787 Australian dollars ($ 575). TAiwan’s Eva Airways and Japan’s ANA have also offered special sightseeing tours.

According to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines, stricter border restrictions to keep coronoviruses under control have led to international travel in 97.5 percent of the region.

04:40 GMT – Syrian cases may be much higher than figures: UN

The United Nations’ top humanitarian official says coronaviruses may be more widespread in Syria than official figures for the virus.

Mark Lovelock told the United Nations Security Council in New York on Wednesday that it would only be possible to get a clear picture of the situation while advancing the test. He said that the source of about 90 percent of confirmed cases has not been known, suggesting widespread community broadcasting.

Syria has confirmed 3,618 cases of the virus.

04:30 GMT – India breaks daily records for coronovirus cases – again

According to the Ministry of Health, India has jumped another record in daily coronavirus cases confirming 97,894 cases in the last 24 hours.

Deaths, which have been relatively low so far, are also climbing. The country has recorded more than 1,000 deaths every day in the last two weeks.

04:10 GMT – Burberry to kick off first virtual London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is set to come later on Thursday with a livestreamed show from luxury British brand Barbaris.

The show will be broadcast at 12:00 GMT with Ricardo Tissi, its Italian designer, promising a deserted jungle show in collaboration with German artist Anne Imhof, described as a “radical meeting of fashion and art” has been done.

Around 80 designers will present their latest collections during the six-day event, but only a few physical shows will show the kind of stage that pre-COVID time Hordes of industry insiders, celebrities and journalists from around the world.

03:50 GMT – The world’s largest glovemaker reporting record gains

A later report to Malaysia’s Top Glove is due to record profits on Thursday, thanks to increased sales as a result of coronavirus.

Analysts are expected to announce profits of at least 1 billion Malaysian ringgit ($ 241 million) for the three months ended August 31 – the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber and nitrile gloves.

Top gloves are benefiting from higher prices and increased demand as a result of coronovirus, but have also been criticized over its treatment of migrant workers. US Customs imposed an import ban in July on forced labor concerns over its products.

A worker inspects disposable gloves at the top gloves factory in Shah Alam near the capital of Malaysia. The company expects record profit on Thursday due to the demand for COVID-19 [Mohd Rasfan/AFP]

03:40 GMT – Relief restrictions for Australian sports as NSW relaxes

A crowd of around 40,000 people in Sydney will soon be able to attend major sporting events following the announcement of a waiver of coronovirus restrictions by the New South Wales government.

The new rules – allowing stadiums to fill up to 50 percent capacity – will come into effect on October 1, with the National Rugby League and Rugby Championships coming to an end.

Stadium Olympics, the arena built for the 2000 Olympics, will be able to welcome 40,000 fans, the new Western Sydney Stadium at Divine 15,000 and the Sydney Cricket Ground 23,000.

The NSW government said that fans would have to wear facemasks going to the stadium, but would be able to take them inside, where they would be seated in a “cheerboard” arrangement.

02:45 GMT – ‘P‘Thoughtlessly, to kill, to kick, to kill, to spit knowingly’

New research suggests that temporary visa holders in Australia were facing racist abuse after being left out of the government’s funding schemes, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was time to go home.

In a survey of more than 6,000 temporary visa holders, a quarter said they had experienced racial abuse, and a quarter reported avoiding them because of their looks.

Professor Basina Farbenblum, Associate Professor at UNSW Law, said, “More than 1,600 participants were described as being targeted with exonophobic slurs, although they were infected with COVID because they looked Asian or preferred to wear face masks . ” Lottie Berg, an Associate Professor of UTS Law. Both are co-directors of the Migrant Workers Justice Initiative. “Many people reported that they were killed because of their Asian looks, entering the road and in public transport, hitting, kicking, screaming, spitting intentionally or coughing by passersby.”

More than a million people live in Australia on temporary visas, including international students, backpackers and refugees. The survey found that 70 percent of respondents lost all or most of their work as a result of the epidemic, with one in three international students expecting their funds to run out by the next month.

02:15 GMT – Bolsonro of Brazil appoints general as new health minister

Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, has pleaded with no experience in health as the country’s new health minister.

General Eduardo Pazuelo was given the job on a temporary basis four months ago, but will now be made permanent. He was more willing to go with Bolsonaro’s approach to the epidemic than his predecessors, with doctors recommending hydroxycoloroquine to treat COVID-19, despite no evidence that Be effective.

Bolsonaro, who dismissed the virus as “a little flu”, brandished a box of medicine as Pazuelo was sworn into office in Brasilia.

Brazil Pazuelo

Brazilian Army General Eduardo Pazuelo, who has no background in health. President Bolsonaro’s more willing to go along with the epidemic response than his predecessors [Sergio Lima/AFP]

01:35 GMT – Australia tensions over stranded citizens abroad

According to public broadcaster ABC, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the number of people in Australia will increase to 2,000 from next Friday.

The states that will have to provide inward house in hotel quarantine are yet to give their approval.

Currently about 4,000 people are allowed in Australia every week, but at least 25,000 are stranded due to the arrival of foreigners. Many Australians also say that they have been evacuated from home on repeated flights.

00:30 GMT – New Zealand report declines in GDP

New Zealand has released economic data for the second quarter when the country was in lockdown, and it is not pretty.

The figures showed a 12.2 percent decline in gross domestic product compared to the previous quarter, the biggest drop on record. The country is now in the worst recession since 2010.

00:00 GMT – Trump contradicts CDC chief on vaccine

US President Donald Trump has directly denied Robert Redfield, director of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than the time of any coronovirus vaccine.

While Redfield told a US Senate committee that a vaccine was unlikely to be ready by mid-2021, Trump said it would happen too soon and accused the CDC chief of making a “mistake” and being “confused”. He told that a vaccine can be announced as soon as October in a news conference.

Trump is pushing for a vaccine before the November election, raising concerns about safety. Vaccine development usually takes years, and there is no guarantee of success. The process for coronavirus has been accelerated and currently has several candidates in large-scale phase three human trials, designed to test efficacy and safety.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Countries flee for safety due to security concerns


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