Trump officials are allegedly manipulating CDC’s Kovid-19 reports

Political appointments have repeatedly pressured Center for Disease Control and Prevention officials to manipulate the report, according to a new report by Politico’s Dan Diamond, to align them more closely with President Donald Trump’s public statements. is.

Diamond writes that “CDC officials have fought against the most sweeping changes,” but the report finds that Trump’s appointments still succeed in politicizing public health and are a response to the coronovirus epidemic, now the US Has killed more than 193,000 people. These officials have reportedly worked to suppress reports of hydroxychloroquine (a drug Trump has reported to be effective against Kovid-19), as well as changing reports to the agency on the risks of coronovirus and Who can be blamed To transition.

According to Diamond, these political appointments – which are part of a former Trump campaign official, and the team of Health and Human Services spokesman Michael Capto – also review the agency’s morbidity and mortality weekly report, and the report’s language Modify to modify. He has more sympathy for the President.

To revise what scientists are, in part to align nonpartisan more closely to presidential views as Trump has repeatedly removed the epidemic, engaged in magical thinking about how it ended Could be, and outright lies. And, this week’s new revelations from journalist Bob Woodward show that the president has done all this while deliberately misleading the country about the severity of the virus.

Neither HHS nor the CDC have responded to a voice request for comment.

Caputo, which was established by the White House in April this year, has no healthcare background or expertise to speak of. However, some key members of his team do – a fact Capto has used in his defense, one of his mentors, Dr. There is evidence in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWRs) that his team intervened, citing Paul Alexander’s input. The CDC’s work is not politically motivated.

According to the New York Times, “He said he digs into these MMWRs and makes his position known, and his status is sometimes not popular with career scientists.” “No one has been ordered to do anything. Some changes have been accepted, most have been rejected. This is my understanding of how science is played. “

Alexander was formerly an assistant professor of health research at McMaster University in Canada, and was accused of using his position at HHS to promote the findings of running the counter before the CDC. For example, Friday’s report follows another Politico scoop earlier this week by Alexander, the country’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony supports Fauci’s public comments and attempts to target the Trump administration repeatedly.

According to Politico’s Sarah Oveermohale, Alexander also attempted to block Fossey from warning about the importance of wearing masks for children and explaining the value of the Kovid-19 test for young children and college students. In an email, Alexander allegedly, incorrectly, argued that “there is no data, none, zero in the whole world, that shows children, especially young children, to the virus to other children, or adults.” Or spreads to his teachers. “

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than half a million children have tested positive in the United States, and the number of cases of children has increased sharply in the past month as children have started going back to school in some parts of the country. More than 100 children have died from the virus.

A Pattern of Political Health Guidance

Even before this week, there was abundant evidence that the Trump administration is working to politicize America’s earlier non-traditional, internationally renowned public health infrastructure. Just last month, the Food and Drug Administration issued an Emergency Use Authority (EUA) for convulsive plasma as a Kovid-19 treatment; The decision was widely criticized, including the National Institutes of Health, and FDA chief Stephen Hahn was eventually forced to make inaccurate remarks about the effectiveness of the treatment soon after the EU announcement.

There was also hydroxychloroquine debase before this summer, where the FDA had previously given permission and then withdrawn to an EU unsafe anti-Himalayan drug because its use was causing dangerous side effects. Trump nonetheless repeatedly and baselessly promoted the drug as a silver bullet for Kovid-19, even claiming he was taking it as an antidote.

This month’s decision by HHS to award a public relations contract worth more than $ 250 million to a small market research firm in Virginia has also raised concerns about the politics of infringement on public health. With at least 60 days until the general election, the contract works the firm with finding a way to “defeat despair and inspire hope” about coronoviruses. This week House Democrats launched an investigation into the contract in a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar describing it as a taxpayer-funded “political campaign”.

And Trump and his allies have not gone right after agencies designed to guide America’s public health response; He has also politicized the most basic principles of public health in an epidemic. For example, the president has long refused to wear a mask – even asking others to remove him in his presence – and continued to be largely unmasked and completely non-committal is Political ralliesBoth in the White House and across the country.

Such politicization has consequences: As Vaux’s Brian Resnick has documented, the president’s politicization of the federal government’s response – and his dedication to promoting ineffective remedies – has resulted in widespread vaccination suspicion. The president has made rapid progress in the development of the vaccine, even making a promise as of October. But given vaccines typically take years to develop, many wonder whether a mob Kovid-19 vaccine, particularly one backed by Trump, would be safe.

That’s because the Trump administration’s efforts to manipulate public health for political purposes and gaslight the nation to believe the American response to the virus have done anything but a massive failure that has snapped public confidence . Trump’s opposition to basic security measures has almost certainly already cost a life – former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, for example, who died Kovid-19 this summer, attended Trump’s rally Characterizing a little masking and social distance after taking – and widespread vaccine skepticism can cost many times more. .

Friday’s revelation in Politico is the latest expression of Trump’s deep politicization of public health – and as the U.S. continues to report ten thousand new cases of Kovid-19 for the sixth consecutive month, it is much to believe There is little reason that will change anytime soon.