Trump offers temporary changes that protect dreamers for border wall money; Democrats say no


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By Phil McCausland, Geoff Bennett and Jonathan Allen

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump proposed an agreement to end the government's shutdown that continued his demand for $ 5.7 billion in funding for his border wall, but contained what he suggested was a concession to the Democrats: three years of protection for immigrants who were illegally brought into the country as children and who fled from certain countries and are covered by the "temporary protection status" program.

"This plan resolves the immediate crisis, and it is a horrible crisis," Trump said in a speech to the nation, delivered from the Diplomatic Chamber in the White House. "And it provides humanitarian aid, offers real security at the border and immediately reopens our federal government."

Trump said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Agreed to include his proposal in a bill and present it at the end of next week.

The Democratic leaders in Congress declared the plan dead upon their arrival, issuing a series of statements based on the first news reports of what Trump intended to propose.

"It is unlikely that any of these provisions will pbad only to the House of Representatives and, as a whole, will not begin," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. "On the one hand, this proposal does not include the permanent solution for the recipients of Dreamers and TPS that our country needs and supports."

The partial closure of the government, which is now the longest in history, began on December 22, when the House of Representatives and the Senate failed to pbad laws that fund several agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security. On Saturday, Trump said he intends to honor the promise he repeatedly made in the campaign, one he originally defined as requiring Mexico to pay for a barrier.

"I intend to fulfill that promise one way or another," he said. "Our immigration system must be a source of pride, not a source of shame, since it is worldwide."

The conservative Heritage Foundation, a group of experts from Washington, criticized Trump for offering a shield to certain immigrants.

"Amnesty should not be part of any border security agreement, especially since many of those who oppose a wall today have publicly supported and even voted for physical barriers in the recent past," said James Carafano, vice president of the Davis Institute. for National Security of The Heritage Foundation. And foreign policy, he said in a statement. "Unlike many in Washington, President Trump has proven to be serious about securing the border and fixing our broken immigration system. For this we must congratulate him. However, the proposed compromise is not the best way forward. "

Trump has considered several proposals that, in theory, would allow him to change money and resources to try to build the wall, but there are political, logistical and legal difficulties that hinder those options.

Since the government shut down four weeks ago, the two parties have not given ground, with Trump and Republican leaders in Congress insisting that the bills to reopen the agencies include money for the wall he promised in the campaign. Democratic leaders have stood firm in the position that Trump must agree to finance the agencies without the money from the wall.

A Democratic adviser to the House of Representatives said that similar offers had already been rejected by Democrats and stressed that this proposal did not offer Dreamers complete protection or a permanent solution.

The wall, it seems, also remains a nonstarter.

"This is not a compromise, since it includes the same wasteful and wasteful lawsuit of $ 5.7 billion that the government shut down in the first place," the adviser said before Trump's remarks.

For the Democrats, the only way forward is for the president to reopen the government and then negotiate border security.

They are willing to reach an agreement with the White House, said the adviser, as long as it does not include "an expensive and ineffective wall that the president promised Mexico would pay."

A senior Democratic adviser to the Senate confirmed that the White House did not consult the Democrats, adding that Trump "keeps more people hostage to his wall."

Approximately 800,000 federal workers are affected by the closure of the government, many of whom do not receive a paycheck or work without pay. Federal contractors, who are not included in that number, are currently losing $ 200 million per day.

Democrats were confident that Trump's proposal would not be pbaded in the House of Representatives or in the Republican-controlled Senate, but Pelosi said a package of bills to be proposed next week will be supported by both parties.

"Next week, the Democrats will approve a package of six bills agreed by the negotiators of the House of Representatives and the Senate and other laws to reopen the government so that we can fully negotiate border security proposals," he said. "The president must sign these bills to reopen the government immediately and stop holding the American people hostage with this nonsensical closure."

Democratic Senator for the United States Senate, Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, spared no words when he heard the reports of the agreement proposed by Trump, saying he did not have much hope in the Senate.

"First, President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell must open the government today," Durbin said. "Secondly, I can not support the proposed offer as reported and I do not think it can be approved by the Senate." Thirdly, I am ready to sit down at any time after the government opens and work to solve all the problems slopes".

Pelosi said the president owned the closure and its impact on the nation.

"The president is proud to close the government," she said less than an hour before the president's speech. "Now, he must take measures to open the government."

Phil McCausland is an NBC News reporter focused on the rural-urban divide.

Jonathan Allen is a national political reporter based in Washington for NBC News that focuses on the presidency.

Frank thorp v contributed

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