Trump offers deportation protections in exchange for wall funds

WASHINGTON – President Trump announced on Saturday he would extend deportation protections for some undocumented immigrants in exchange for $ 5.7 billion in funds for a wall along the border with Mexico.

When considering the proposal as a compromise, Trump tried to change the pressure on the Democrats to put an end to the government's closure.

The president, who delivered a 13-minute speech from the White House, said he would extend the legal status of those facing deportation and support bipartisan legislation that would allow some immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children, known as Dreamers, their work permits and be protected against deportation for three more years if they are revoked.

"That's our plan," Trump said. "Simple, fair, reasonable and common sense with a lot of commitment." The proposal, said Mr. Trump, was intended to "break the jam and provide Congress with a way forward".

But she reiterated her demand for $ 5.7 billion in funding for a border barrier, and speaker Nancy Pelosi said before her comments that she considered her proposal "not initiated," in part because it did not offer a permanent path to citizenship for the dreamers.

It was the second time during the closing that the president addressed the nation about what he has called an immigration crisis.

This time, Mr. Trump gave the speech behind a lectern, under an oil portrait of George Washington, an badistant of the installation said he preferred the speech of the Oval Office seated to the camera that pronounced earlier this month when he highlighted what he did. Described as a growing "security crisis" on the border.

He tried to weave in the concessions to the Democrats with a hardline appeal to his base, opening his comments with the same types of warnings of exploited children and violations that, he said, confront undocumented immigrants on the border.

But above all, the comments contrasted with that prime-time speech, in which the president tried to rethink the debate by exposing examples of appalling violence on the border. That address, which Mr. Trump was reluctant to do, failed to deflect public opinion. This time, Mr. Trump adopted a more inclusive tone, calling his proposal a "common sense commitment that both parties should embrace" and noted that his was a "compbadionate response."

He even seemed to play against the wall at the center of the confrontation with the Democrats. "This is not a concrete structure of 2,000 miles from sea to sea," he said. "These are steel barriers in places of high priority. Much of the border is already protected by natural barriers such as mountains and water. "

On Saturday, Mr. Trump also organized a naturalization ceremony at the White House, a movement meant to underscore the idea that he supports legal immigration.

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