Trump nodded at Winked and Proud Boys, and far-fetched election fears and fear of violence

The truck-revealing, banner-waving, loudspeaker-banging pro-Trump rally took place, easily, on the first Saturday of early voting in the swing state of Sept. 19, Virginia, voters in the Democratic-leaning Fairfax in the parking lot. The county was lined up to cast its ballot. Some of Trump’s supporters surrounded the electorate, while many were seen clapping, jiggling and waving along the line, with no face masks.

Fairfax Executive Director Jack Kiriyal said, “We had some voters there who actually had to escort voters because we saw people who reach the edge of the parking lot, and shout this huge group of Trumpers And watch the screaming. ” The County Democratic Committee told The Daily Beast that the scene reminded them of volunteers who rescue anti-abortion protesters outside women’s health clinics.

So during Tuesday night, when President Donald Trump urged his supporters to take unsupervised action at polling places, Kiraly was reminded of what Fairfax County voters saw earlier this month.

During the debate, Trump called the far-flung paramilitary group The Proud Boys to “stand by” and urged fans to “go to the polls and watch very carefully”, a very rare event Trump has His political identity built into a cornerstone. Observers from far away, as well as officials like Kirali, also commented on the latest warning that a starring president could use his supporters to disrupt fair elections, or put the results of those elections in doubt.

The debate also raised alarm bells if the prospect of election-related violence was already hovering over the presidential race, as Trump effectively welcomed the authority of paramilitary force in the Republican Party.


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