Trump News – Live: The latest update as president ignores the many crises bragging about the golf game

If this drama was not enough, Black Lives Matter protests continued, and tensions between protesters and federal agents continued in cities ranging from the cities of Portland and Portland in Oregon to Oakland, California, with numerous arrests and injuries. Came and a fire broke out. The latter place.

Seattle last night saw its largest Black Lives Matter protest in weeks, with police saying renewed energy was sparked by violent clashes between activists and federal agents in nearby Portland.

Police said officers used non-lethal weapons in the late afternoon after some protesters set fire to the construction site for the King County Juvenile Detention Facility and Courthouse.

By 10pm (5am GMT), the Seattle police wrote in a Twitter post, “Police have made 45 arrests in connection with today’s riots at East Preschool.”

It added, “21 officers suffered injuries after being injured by bricks, rock mortars / other explosives. Most officers were able to return to duty. One was treated at a hospital for a knee injury.” . “

However it was not all tension. The evidence on the streets also had some welcome notes.

Earlier police said they were working to secure access for the city’s fire department to carry out the blast, saying it was started by about a dozen people who were part of a larger group of protesters.

Trump said on Thursday that he expanded the deployment of federal police to Seattle, enraged local officials and ignited anger among protesters.

“We saw what was happening in Portland and we wanted to make sure that in our city we stood in solidarity with other mothers,” said Lorna Murray, who, mimicking a strategy from Portland, the newly formed Wall of Moms attended on behalf of Seattle. Protests where mothers, dressed in yellow, form a human wall between protesters and law enforcement.

The strategy of federal officials in Portland has attracted local leaders and Democrats in Congress who say those officials are using excessive force and complaining of redundancy by the Trump administration.

U.S. Attorney Brian Moran for the Western District of Washington said in a statement Friday that federal agents are stationed in Seattle to protect federal assets and the work done in those buildings.

The Trump administration has also sent federal police to Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque, New Mexico, over objections from those mayors.

Oakland Police said that in California, protesters set fire to a courtyard, damaged a police station and beat up officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.

The Oakland Department said on Twitter, protesters smashed windows, sprayed paint graffiti, showered firecrackers and made signs to authorities. Several tweets called for peace and asked the organizers to “help us provide safe spaces and safe spaces for protesters.”

The protests began on Saturday evening with groups such as another “Wall of Moms”, as protesters encountered American agents stationed in that city to guard a federal courtyard.

Protests in Oakland began in a peaceful manner, but later turned violent at night. An “unlawful assembly” was declared by the police around 11.30am (5.30pm GMT) and officers asked to disperse the crowd.

News outlets reported that the fire broke out at the Alameda County Superior Courthouse and shortly thereafter. Police said at one point the protesters were “breaking windows and making racial attacks on residents.” Photos tweeted by the department showed broken glass and paint in a police building.


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