Trump moves to California amid devastating fires, as governors focus on climate change

Trump has shown reluctance to accept science on climate change.

President Donald Trump has traveled to California in recent weeks to address the fires of raging fires that have wreaked havoc in the western coastal states and renewed focus on climate change.

Although democratic governors of the affected states say the fire represents the latest piece of hard evidence that global warming is a scientific reality affecting their communities, Trump has a history of expressing skepticism over the science of climate change and argued That forest mismanagement is the primary culprit for catastrophic fires in recent years, contrary to evidence.

On Friday, between Ash and waste, the Government of California. Gavin Newsom said that historically devastating fires have ravaged his state in recent years, as a case study for the reality of scientific warnings surrounding climate change and the “ideological B.S.” Is destroyed. Who will deny

Newson said, “The debate about climate change is over.” Just arrive in the state of California. See it with your own eyes.

Oregon Village. Kate Brown said the fire on Sunday should serve as a “wake-up call” that the scientific incident is occurring.

Brown said in an interview with CBS News, “It’s really going to ring a bell for climate change on the West Coast. It’s a call to all of us, that we’ve got to do everything in our power. ” , “Decades of mismanagement of our forests in this country” have also contributed to the historic devastation in his state now.

Trump, who once called climate change a “hoax” and rejected it in 2012 as a concept designed to make the creation of America non-competitive and for the Chinese, “Fox News’ Chris Wallace In 2018 it said that “perhaps” climate change “contributes little to the historical fire trend in recent years” but above all there is an emphasis on forest management.

The president has also threatened to cut federal funds to the state of California over allegations that the state’s Democratic leadership has misused state forests, with most of the state’s forests federally controlled.

The president reiterated the line of attack during a campaign rally at the battleground in Pennsylvania last month, suggesting that “maybe we’re going to pay them for it because they don’t listen to us.”

“I see again, wildfires are starting. They are starting again in California. I said, ‘You have to clean your floors. You got to clean your forests.” They have many, many years of leaves and broken trees. And they are, like, very flammable. You touch them and it goes up. I have been telling them this for three years now, but they do not want to listen. , “Trump said.

As ABC News reported, there is strong evidence that wildlife has become larger and more destructive due to climate change. Warm temperatures and heat waves cause millions of trees such as bark beetles to be killed due to drought and other conditions, creating more dry fuel for the fire to spread. The expansion of the development has also left buildings and neighborhoods close to forests and areas vulnerable to wildfires, making fires more destructive and putting more people in harm’s way.

The president’s California visit was announced on Saturday and the president was already in the western region of the country to campaign and fundraise with two months to go for the presidential election.

Speaking about his upcoming visit at a rally Saturday night in Nevada, the president urged his supporters to “remember the words, very simply, forest management” and said “this is about forest management and other things.” “