Trump moved the Charlotte Republican Convention to avoid a mask mandate – Jacksonville just issued one


The city of Jacksonville, Florida issued a mask mandate on Monday, before the Republican National Convention in August, which was relocated from Charlotte, North Carolina, largely to avoid social alienation and mask requirements.


“At 5 pm today, the City of Jacksonville will adopt a mandatory mask requirement for indoor and public places, and in other situations where people cannot socially distance themselves,” the City announced on Twitter.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, who was not present for the announcement Monday, had said two weeks earlier that a mask mandate would not be “prudent action” because “law enforcement does not need to enforce this.” . “Y” is not an efficient use of resources “

But Jordan Elsbury, Curry’s chief of staff, said Monday, “We have conversations with hospital and CDO providers and other members of our community and we felt it was time to take this step,” although the city’s director of public affairs, Nikki Kimbleton said the city would have a hard time enforcing the mandate and urged people to “exercise that personal responsibility and wear those masks.”

Elsbury said Curry made the decision after a conference call with hospitals and after the Navy and Coast Guard, both based in Jacksonville, required the use of masks indoors.

The move is a blow to President Trump, who chose to relocate major Charlotte convention events earlier this month after North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper rejected his plan to not require masks or social distancing in the event.

When asked how the mandate would be fulfilled at the convention, Duval County Sheriff Mike Williams said, “We will continue to work on that and have a detailed plan, how it will look.”

Key background

Jacksonville is far from alone in issuing a mask mandate. Most major Florida cities now require masks in public.

Critical boss

Curry, a Republican, received significant criticism for allowing the convention to relocate its main events in Jacksonville. A letter signed by nearly 200 Florida doctors argued that “allowing this many people to descend on Jacksonville is undoubtedly disease-provoking, predictably harmful, and medically disrespectful to citizens of this city, let alone the rest of the country.”

Big number

40,000. In the letter, doctors said, “It is estimated that more than 40,000 people, including the press and protesters, will attend from across the United States,” which they said is “extremely dangerous.”

News Peg

As cases in the south and west increase, the Jacksonville mask mandate comes as the latest indication that Trump will not be able to maintain a facade of pre-pandemic normalcy amid an increasingly severe outbreak. His demonstration in Tulsa, in which there was little social distancing or wearing of masks, in part because the Trump campaign took deliberate steps to reduce social distancing, has led campaign manager Brad Parscale, other campaign staff, and dozens of Secret service agents who worked on the meeting having to self-quarantine.

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