Trump made the misleading claim that China is protesting to help Biden win the election

These comments from Trump, and similar claims made by many of his allies, seek to achieve the same goal: playing the principle that China is focusing on getting Biden elected, while good Considering the well-established reports that Russia is trying to help. Trump won again, just as he did in 2016.

“With our evidence, bots and all that, about China’s troll-farm activity, what little evidence they are in favor of Vice President Biden, they are trying to make life too difficult for President Trump – Are airing protests. Of course, “Chang said. “I think Beijing has decided that it is voting for the Democratic Party candidate.”

It was not immediately clear where Chang’s information comes from, but the US government and Silicon Valley have not made any public assessment of the alleged covert Chinese troll farm activity he described.. Chang did not respond to CNN’s comment about the request to which he referred the information.

Only public comments from these groups about electoral mediation on social media have focused on Kremlin-associated Trump supporter activity.

Intelligence Bulletin warns Russia that increasing fraudulent mail-in voting will lead to widespread fraud

Additionally, the article has been publicly stated about the work that US intelligence officials did to protect the 2020 election from foreign interference.

Intelligence officials have said they have evidence that Russia is currently interfering in the election to hurt Biden’s campaign. Some separate evidence has already surfaced about Moscow’s efforts, including last week’s Facebook announcement that the troll group that was part of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 US presidential election would again target Americans trying to.

But while the intelligence community assessed that China and Iran preferred to defeat Trump in November, officials have given no indication to date that either country is acting on the same priority as Russia, which intelligence According to public statements issued by. Communities and sources familiar with the underlying evidence.

“We assess that China likes President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unexpected – not winning a reunion. China is expanding its influence efforts before November 2020 to shape the policy environment in the United States, Pressure according to political figures. Against China’s interests, and China’s disregard and counter-criticism, “the top US intelligence department official on election security, Bill Ivanina, said in an unprecedented public statement released last month.

Ivina continued, “China will continue to weigh the risks and benefits of aggressive action,” but to date has been primarily engaged in attempts to overcome public criticism of the current administration on non-election related issues, including its coronary virus Are also included. Response and move to close Beijing’s consulate in Houston.

Russia, on the other hand The former vice-president is using a series of measures primarily to discredit Biden and sees it as an anti-Russia establishment, Ivina wrote in the same statement.

Statements from top election official of intelligence community, warning of threats from China, Russia and Iran

Ivanina said, “This is consistent with public criticism of Moscow when he was Vice President for his role in the policies of the Obama administration in Ukraine and support for the anti-Putin opposition inside Russia.” “Some Kremlin-related actors are also seeking to promote President Trump’s candidacy on social media and Russian television.”

Former CIA officer John Cipher told CNN that there is a clear distinction between the way Ivanina attributes the threats posed by China and Russia.

“The simple difference is between covert interference on the one hand and public priorities on the other. China is using influence, diplomacy and commentary in the press and publicity organs. Russia disbanded, fake accounts, bots, secret money as part of a covert operation. Is using. ” Told CNN.

Line blur

While Republicans have consistently expressed concern about China’s influence efforts targeting Americans, several sources familiar with the briefing provided to lawmakers told CNN that intelligence officials have yet to present clear evidence that Beijing is actively Is interfering with the election or taking specific steps to promote a candidate. other.

Instead, intelligence and election security officials have focused both privately and publicly, on the overall threat posed by China, asserting that Beijing employs a variety of “lethal tactics” that will be in the 2020 race There may be implications.

The FBI director said, “China is engaged in a highly sophisticated malicious foreign influence campaign, and its methods include bribery, blackmail, and secret deals. Chinese diplomats also open, naked economic pressure on US officials to advance China’s priorities. And freely use both independent intermediaries. ” Chris Ray said in July.

But Trump has repeatedly blurred the line between those broader national security concerns and accusations that China is actively focusing on the election. At the same time, he ignored the intelligence community’s warning about Russia’s ongoing efforts to “discredit” Biden.

Last week, Trump retweeted a post by his handpicked intelligence chief, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe, linking a misleading Fox News story with the headline: “New alarms in China’s anti-Trump elections Applying is worrying. “

And on Monday, Trump commented that, on the surface, it appeared to clarify the statement that China is intervening to help Biden, but came from a source whose views are well outside the mainstream Are considered and have decreased reliability at times.

Trump officials equals threat from Russia and China

The president has also recently rejected any suggestion that Russia poses a dangerous threat to China as the equivalent of a partisan “witch hunt” against him – a scene that has been implicated in messages from administration officials who Focus on its public comments has undermined Beijing and Moscow’s actions, sources told CNN.

Trump’s Monday tweet came after he was misleadingly suggested by several top national security officials, evidence that China was actively interfering in the upcoming US election, according to Cipher, as various agencies called for Russia What have you done keeping in mind the ongoing efforts. 2020 presidential race.

Schiff accuses Barr of giving election intelligence

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said Friday that he “100%” agreed with Attorney General William Barr’s claim that China was more aggressive with its efforts to influence the 2020 election than other rude actors, including Russia Happening, but he offered many proofs. Has a claim.

“First you have China, which has the biggest program to politically influence the United States,” O’Brien told reporters during a news briefing at the White House on Friday. , You have Iran and you have Russia. These are the three opposing countries which are trying to disrupt our elections. ‘

“Some of them like Biden, some say some of them like the president,” he said, especially feeling that some are pushing for Biden, but some at the level of skepticism Casting, some pushing for Trump. “My position is that it doesn’t matter what these countries want, that any country that tries to interfere in the free and fair elections of the United States has to be stopped.”

In addition to exposing the threat posed by China, Barr went on to undermine the intelligence community’s assessment during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday that Russia was again actively interfering in the US election.

The top intelligence office informs congressional committees that it will no longer provide brief information about election security

“I accept that there is some preparatory activity that suggests they might try again,” Barr said of Russia. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia tries to do something again in the same general style as before.”

US intelligence officials and the Senate Intelligence Committee have made vigorous claims to warn Russia of this threat after hacking Democrats in 2016 and running social media influence operations during the 2016 and 2018 elections.

“The election is in jeopardy,” a North Carolina Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican said in a statement released after the investigation of the Russian duel in the election that much has happened since the findings of its bipartisan investigation . “My hope is that this report and committee work will provide more information to the American people about the dangers facing our nation and the steps needed to prevent them.”

But the Trump campaign and some Republicans responded to the report with a backward-looking critique and insisted that “no collusion”, instead of questioning whether American politics still countered foreign dissolution and intervention in 2020 How can it be sensitive?

That response, coupled with recent comments that underpin Russia’s ongoing efforts, has led Democrats to accuse the president and his allies of misinformation about the threat of foreign intervention ahead of US intelligence in November Shows in

Cipher, whose 28-year career at the CIA included a stint running the agency’s Russia operations, called Trump’s comments about China from top officials a “net deflection”.

Top Democrats demand intelligence chief re-election security briefing in Congress

“If anyone says that Russia is worse, Republican politicians may point to a larger geopolitical threat from China. This is true, but not relevant to the issue of election interference. Only a power attempt to reverse the election Is doing, “he said.

House Intelligence Speaker Adam Schiff accused Trump’s officials of “lying” like when China shows that China is actively interfering.

“If you see what Ivanina, the Director of Intelligence, who runs the National Countermeasures Center, said in his public written statement, he said that Russia was actively interfering, actively taking measures to influence the outcome Confused in a series. China had China. Preference. And if you look at that, you can tell that Bill Bur is lying to the American people and it’s sad, but it’s as simple as that. , “He told CNN’s Dana Bash.

California Democrats also said they believed it to have the same intelligence as Barr and other top officials who have said that China is intervening more aggressively than Russia.

Vivian Salama of CNN contributed to this report.