Trump launches fake COVID treatment from fringe doctors, banning Facebook

President Donald Trump demonstrated his new serious tone towards the coronovirus crisis on Monday night, a viral video of which was shared Fringe The doctors The controversial anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine is touted as “a cure for COVID”.

The video, which also showed doctors wearing masks, Finally taken by facebook To “share false information” about the virus, post Millions of views In a few hours. Many right-wing outlets and personalities, however, continued to promote clips of doctors’ press conferences on Twitter, eventually reaching the president’s time.

In addition to retweeting the clip many At various times, Trump — who recently said his retweet is “going to get him in trouble” —have shared several other posts promoting hydroxychloroquine, which the FDA has saved for emergency use for the virus .

Numerous studies and clinical trials have found that the drug has no real benefit in treating coronovirus patients. Experts have also warned of potentially fatal side effects.

Trump then directly shared a tweet Dr. Stella Emmanuel, One of the physicians who attended the press conference. Emmanuel is also a preacher who once wrote a book claiming that there is a satanic plot to capture the world and Recently challenged CNN anchor and top infectious disease specialist Drs. Anthony Fauci for providing him urine samples. (The video tweeted by Emmanuel was later taken down, along with many others shared by the president.)

She did not take pity on Facebook, saying that her masked video did not work and that it was a magic cure for the hydroxychloroquine virus.

“Hello Facebook put my profile page and video or your computer back until you crash,” He tweeted late on Monday. “You are not older than that God. I promise you. If my page is not a back up face book it will be below the name of Jesus. “

President too Shared tweets Despite an urge by White House officials to publicly have a “very good relationship” with the doctor after he was blasted, Fauci attacked on Monday night.

On At least one account The president was retained on Monday night to be a follower of Kaon, a conspiracy theory that alleges a “darker situation” is conspiring against pedophile Cabal Trump.


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