Trump lashes out after campaign, erasing main claim in Pennsylvania suit – Live | News of america

In an interview with The Atlantic for the publication of his memoir A Promise Land, Barack Obama pointed to Joey Biden’s prospects of working with Republicans in Congress, coming close to admitting herself to be an ever-Trump conservative – and compares Central Asia under Trump under Genghis Khan.

“If we were going to be a writing populist in this country,” Obama says, “I hope someone else is a little bit more attractive.”

Trump is refusing to accept defeat by Biden, by the margin he defeated Hillary Clinton, despite a 5m decrease in the popular vote and an electoral college defeat to 306–232.

“For all the differences between him and George W. Bush,” Obama said, “he and his administration could not have been more compassionate and deliberate about ensuring a smooth handoff. What is really disturbing about the current situation One of the things is the amount of time due to Donald Trump’s petition and the reluctance of other Republicans to call him on it. “


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