Trump kills teen Vigontelle Kyle Rittenhouse with Kaneosha protesters

President Donald Trump jumped on Monday to rescue a Midwestern teenager who is accused of killing two protesters following the police firing of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“We’re seeing it all,” Trump said Monday during a press conference when a reporter asked if he would “condemn acts of vigilance like Kyle Rittenhouse.”

“It was an interesting situation,” Trump said. “You saw the tape as you saw and he was trying to get away from them, I think, as it looks. And he fell and then they attacked him very violently and it was something Which we are looking at now, and it is under investigation. ”

“Trump said,” I think he was in a lot of trouble, “adding that” he might have been killed, that’s for investigation. ” ”

The 17-year-old Rattenhouse has been charged with murder for killing two protesters, The Daily Beast reported.

The incident took place last Tuesday following a police firing of 29-year-old black man Blake after a protest in Kenosha. The widely circulated video showed Blake being repeatedly shot in the back by a law enforcement officer when he drove away from police and got into a vehicle.

Trump used Monday’s news conference to defend a group of pro-Trump supporters who drove a caravan to the city of Portland over the weekend to counter anti-racism protesters there. Caravan members were caught on video spraying the crowd with paintballs and pepper spray. One man, identified as a “friend” of the far-right group Patriot Prayer of the pro-Trump crowd, was badly shot.

When asked about the abetment that was the cause of the pro-Trump caravan, Trump was similarly dismissed.

“It was a peaceful protest,” he said. “Paint is not a bullet.”

Trump is scheduled to travel to Kenosha on Tuesday. When a reporter asked about the governor of Wisconsin and the mayor of Kenosha that the president does not go, and the president is not concerned that it could escalate the situation, Trump downplayed this concern.

“Well, it can also increase enthusiasm,” Trump said. “And it can increase love and respect for our country.”

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