Trump, Kenosha, Incentive Bill, Robin Williams, Mail-in Voting: Tuesday’s News.

President Donald Trump visits the latest protest epic. A “Hotel Rwanda” hero was arrested on a terrorist charge. And believe it or not, that other coronovirus relief bill still works.

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But first, it is ‘Supreme’: Ruth Beder Ginsburg cancels a couple’s wedding.

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Trump blames ‘anti-American riots’ for Kenosha damage

President Trump arrived in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday to survey the damage from a week of violent protests over the police shooting of 29-year-old father Jacob Blake, paralyzed after being shot by a white police officer. “Kenosha has been devastated by police and anti-American riots,” Trump said in a roundtable discussion on community safety. The president said his administration would provide $ 1 million to Kenosa law enforcement, $ 4 million to help small businesses and more than $ 42 million to public safety efforts.

Not everyone was happy with Trump’s visit: The Wisconsin government, Tony Evers and the mayor of Kenosha urged Trump not to come to Kenosha, expressing concern that his visit would increase tensions.

  • One thing is missing when Trump comes to Kenosa: A mask.
  • Why did Trump not meet with Blake’s family? They wanted to engage lawyers, according to Trump.

Will we see another coronavirus relief bill passed in 2020? 4

A top Republican senator said on Tuesday that the GOP-controlled Senate will likely take a new coronovirus stimulus bill next week, though a Democratic-led House faces possible opposition to it. Sen. John Barraso told reporters that a “focused, targeted” COVID-19 measure “will exclude things” (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi has put in her bill that is unrelated to coronoviruses, “although the bill’s details are final. Not given shape. Several relief programs approved by Congress have dried up in the spring, prompting a new round of stimulus to pressure the House and Senate. Negotiations have failed to result in a deal.

Everyone is talking

  • Robin Williams Widow Describes his “disastrous” last days in a new documentary.
  • Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Honoring Diana’s memory by planting her favorite flowers.
  • Goodbye White Walker. Hello aliens. The makers of “Game of Thrones” plan to adapt the sci-fi epic “Three-Body Problem” for Netflix.
  • Surprise! Niese Nash reveals that she is married to singer Jessica Bates.
  • Does temperature check really protect anyone? Experts say they are wrong and not everyone with COVID-19 has fever. So why are we still doing them?

Sir, where are you taking my mailbox? 4

We’ve been hearing a lot about “missing” mailboxes during the presidential election year, with officials gearing up for an increase in mail-in ballots. Here’s the thing: The US Postal Service removes thousands of those iconic blue mailboxes every year. But in 2020, it is political. Although experts say the boxes may be a “lifeline” for mail-in voters, our investigative journalists found that the boxes were removed this year for protests, for construction, and not enough mail.

  • Fact checkFears about voter suppression centered on mailboxes in mid-August when at least one viral tweet allegedly showed a pile of them at a dump. Photo debacked.
  • Are they being removed? Through 2010 to 2019, the postal service on an average extracted 3,25 boxes of drop boxes per year. This month saw a decrease of more than 4,200 compared to boxes released in September 2019 for those listed.
  • How is it easy to vote by mail? States are expanding the reach of voting in different ways, including offering ballot drop boxes, allowing people to drop ballots in person, and in some cases extending the deadline for returning ballots. In many states, low voting locations are available, however, even in states that vote entirely by mail.

Arrested for ‘Hotel Rwanda’ terrorist charges

The man featured in the film “Hotel Rwanda” as more than 1,200 people were saved from the massacre while their daughter was kidnapped in Dubai. Authorities did not provide any further details on Paul Rusebagina’s arrest on terrorism charges, but Rwandan officials said they issued arrest warrants on charges of terrorism, arson, kidnapping and murder of unarmed civilians in the Rwandan region Committed a crime against

Really fast

  • Tropical storm maternal grandfather Formed in the Caribbean and is forecast to hit Central America.
  • Justice Department launches a criminal investigation In leading and financing protests against police brutality.
  • Why whole foods are trying a “dark store” Online as part of their vision for the future of grocery shopping.
  • Is a Missouri sports radio host of air After making objectionable remarks about Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
  • A man from Florida who called himself an “antifa hunter” He was sentenced to three years in prison for racist threats against a black political activist.

Back-to-school blues

Due to a potential teacher strike, New York City schools are delaying the start of in-person classes until the end of September – the nation’s largest school district to begin the fall term with children in classrooms, the only major urban District is on its way Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the deal on Tuesday, saying that the start of school would be rolled back to September 21, to ensure teachers had enough time to plan and formulate a blended learning model.

Meanwhile, students in college are disappointed: College students are paying rent, going to classes and enrolling – only to find that there are no individuals in the course. Even in colleges that have not officially switched online, students have arrived at the school to find out that in-person and remote courses mean they can only have one course on campus – Or none at all.

A break from news

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