Trump issues executive order requiring ‘beautiful’ federal architecture

The order does not clearly define which buildings should be considered beautiful, stating that the new federal buildings should be of classical design, but not of that style. The order defines classical architecture as “derived from the forms, principles, and terminology of architecture of Greek and Roman antiquity”, and that “such styles as neoclassical, Georgian, federal, Greek revival, beaux-arts and Includes art form. Deco. ”

This applies to all federal courts, agency headquarters, DC public buildings and all other public buildings that cost more than $ 50 million.

Assuming that some of the founding fathers “attached great importance to federal civic architecture, how this order cries out in the 1950s and ’60s,” the federal government largely replaced traditional designs with new designs for new construction Replaced it. ”

“Federal architecture, inspected by the General Services Administration (GSA), was often unpopular with Americans,” the order stated. “New buildings were designed with undivided even GSA now accepts many of those found obsolete.”

The Executive Order also forms the President’s Council on the Improvement of Federal Civic Architecture. The Council is tasked with submitting a report to the GSA Administrator that recommends updates to GSA’s policies and procedures to include the new architecture guidelines.

The move is already being met with resistance from some architects, with the American Institute of Architects issuing a statement on Monday stating that it “disproportionately” ordered the protest, but expressing relief that this order Was not as powerful or expected.

The group’s CEO, Robert Ivy, said, “Communities should have the right and responsibility to decide among themselves what architectural design is best suited to their needs and we work with President-Elect Biden to ensure look forward for.” “Although we are remembered with the administration’s decision to move forward with the design mandate, we are pleased that this order is not in line with earlier consideration.”

The federal-style codification has varied over the years. Former New York fighter Daniel Moynihan wrote Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture for President John F. Kennedy in 1962, which later became the basis of the GSA’s Design Excellence Program.

“The development of official style should be avoided. Design must flow from the architectural profession to the government,” Moynihan wrote at the time, “and not vice versa.”

Trump’s order expelled established protocols – intended to “provide visible testimony to the dignity, enterprise, power and stability of the US government” – stating that “this goal has not been met.”

Trump has in the past voiced strong opinions on official buildings that make him look stylish or not.

“I wish I could share the beauty and beauty of being in the White House and outside in the snowy lawn and the rose with everyone” Tweeted Last year. “There really is something – special country, special place!”
Before becoming president, Trump expressed dissatisfaction about the presence of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, scoffing at the iconic emerald marble on the speaker’s balcony inside the General Assembly Hall.

“The 12-inch square marble tiles behind the speaker at the United Nations always haunt me,” he tweeted in 2012. “If they ask me, I will replace them with beautiful big marble slabs.”

Paul LeBlanc of CNN contributed to this report.


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