Trump is out of control, so let’s choose a Congress that can contain it


Trump annoys the British, as shown by the reaction to his retweets by an anti-Muslim right-wing group in Britain last week. But he is a real danger to us, the Americans.

I do not think Donald Trump is going to be invited to the wedding.

The United States is the best friends of the British, and Prince Harry will marry an American in the spring, actor Meghan Markle. But there are some people that you do not want at your wedding.

That includes some people that many of us here in the United States might not want to run our country, especially anyone who seems determined to ruin it.

The British have their own problems, of course, including the growing English nationalism. And the politics of the two countries came together last week when Trump retweeted three messages from the leader of a British right-wing group. The tweets were anti-Muslim and were false news. The British officers immediately condemned the retweeting.

We, for the moment, are stuck with Trump, although most of us know that that is not working so well. Are you enjoying being at the height of North Korea, or watching the United States destroy its diplomatic corps and overturn its position in the world to the Chinese? Do you think that making it harder for Americans to receive medical care is the way to unite the country, or that cutting corporate taxes will elevate our poorest citizens?

On the last day of November, a Gallup poll among American adults found 34 percent said they approved of the work Trump was doing and 60 percent said they disapproved.

That was last week, a normal week for the administration. Trump had invited three talkers of Navajo codes to the White House to be honored for their service during World War II. They used their language to make military messages unintelligible to enemies. That is one of the many benefits of having a diverse country. But Trump only had to inject something unpleasant at the event, an insult directed at Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mbad.), Whom he referred to as Pocahontas because he once claimed unproven indigenous heritage.

And did you notice the great portrait of President Andrew Jackson, the famous indigenous landholder, behind the podium? With clbad, right?

Also this past week there were more rumors that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, might be about to leave. Trump said no, but you never know. People always come and go from this administration. Then, one of the people who left earlier this year, Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about talks with the Russian ambbadador last December.

Imagine how the country would have reacted to any other administration is so close with the Russians. Last month, Trump said he believed the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about US intelligence agencies about whether Russia meddled in last year's presidential election.

His behavior is out of the ordinary in big and small, personal and governmental matters.

Last week, Trump said the voice in an infamous tape in which he talked about badually abusing women was not really him. And according to reports, he still questions the citizenship of former President Barack Obama.

Something is very incorrect.

His party is staying with him because Congress wants to move forward on his agenda . At this time that includes enacting a tax plan that will make the deficit soar, worsen the mbadive inequality and harm almost all segments of society, except the big corporations and the very rich.

The problem is much greater than a man, but he is definitely a major danger on his own.

Earlier this year, thousands of mental health professionals signed a petition stating that, due to serious mental illness, Trump can not compete competently. There's also a book about the instability that mental health professionals see in him, "Donald Trump's Dangerous Case: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Evaluate a President," edited by Yale's forensic psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee .

billionaire Tom Steyer has spent millions on ads calling for Trump's dismissal. Maybe the Russian investigation will undo it. Maybe he gives up on his own, as predicted by Tony Schwartz, Trump's co-author of "The Art of Deal."

Each week will be full of atrocious behaviors and risks to our national well-being while president. The British can avoid it, but, for now, we are stuck.

One tool that Americans have is the ability to support and elect candidates (especially for Congress) who recognize danger and defend the general welfare. We are less than a year away from the mid-term legislative elections. We need to make them count.

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