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Trump is a “pathological liar” whose policies are more dangerous than his words

Senator Bernie Sanders is more concerned about the policies that President Trump allows to enter instead of his words and questions about Trump's mental aptitude, but still finds him "so offensive."

Sanders said on ABC "This Week" Trump is dismissive, but that's not the most important thing.

"It's so offensive, a few weeks ago, he attacked a US senator with sexual advances, he talks about the prison of his former opponent in a presidential election, this is not what presidents of the United States do." said Sanders.

"But I am more concerned about this president's policies in terms of telling the working people of this country during his campaign that he was going to appear with them, and yet he now governs as the representative of the multimillion-dollar class. Tax deductions for the rich, eliminating people from health insurance, ignoring the needs of children, not dealing with the crisis of prescription drugs in the country with which he said he would deal, I am concerned that he is a pathological liar. some of the concerns I have. "

Questions about Trump's mental aptitude to be president have revolved in the last days after a book by author Michael Wolff, Fire and Fury: Inside the White House Trump was made public.

Wolff's book alleged that many, if not all, people around Trump do not believe the president is in his right mind. Wolff said that "100 percent" of the people he spoke with and who were close to Trump do not believe he is mentally fit for work.

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