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Trump in the spending agreement: & # 39; We are building the wall anyway & # 39;


President trumpDonald John Trump Trump to sign an executive order that promotes artificial intelligence Trump's new calendar in Syria raises concern among key anti-ISIS allies Trump officials who are considering Sea-to-Lake for their next meeting with Xi China: report MORE On Monday he said he would build his desired wall on the southern border regardless of whether Congress approves the funds for it.

"So you know, we're building the wall anyway," Trump said at a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas, which is just across the Rio Grande from Mexico.

Trump spoke shortly after lawmakers said they had reached a funding agreement in principle to prevent another government shutdown from starting on Saturday. The agreement includes some money for barriers along the border.

The president said he would not sign an agreement that would reduce the number of detention beds used to house immigrants trapped illegally living in the US. UU

"If we cut the detention space, we are cutting back on dangerous criminals in our countries," Trump said. "I will never sign a bill that will force the mass release of criminals in this country."

Democrats seem to have reduced their demand to drastically reduce the number of beds, but the measure does not include Trump's full 52,000-bed application.

A source in Congress told The Hill that the agreement will include $ 1.375 billion for physical barriers, including 55 miles of new structures near the Rio Grande border sector. But the money is well below Trump's demand of $ 5.7 billion in wall funds.

Trump said he was told "progress is being made in the talks," adding that he could have stayed in the nation's capital to monitor. But he told the crowd in El Paso that he wanted to be with them, saying, "I chose you."

During the broadcast of the rally on Fox News, presenter Sean Hannity criticized the deal as a "garbage commitment" and said any Republican backing him "will have to explain it."

Conservative media criticism of a previous spending agreement that did not include money on the wall helped Trump close the government last December, which lasted 35 days. Trump finally relented and reopened government agencies when the Democrats rejected the demands for money from his wall.

The president defended his decision, even though his approval ratings were very successful as a result.

"If we had not made that closure, we would not have been able to show this country, these politicians, the world, what the hell is happening with the border," he said. "That was something very important that we did."

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