Trump in the private segment of the border wall: ‘It was only done to make me look bad’

Saying it was done to embarrass him, President Donald Trump said Sunday that a private section of his new border wall should not have been built by a private company.

ProPublica and the Texas Tribune reported Thursday that a segment of the wall along the Texas-Mexico border showed dangerous “signs of erosion” just months after it was completed. The section was built by Fisher Industries of North Dakota, whose owner called the design “Lamborghini”. It cost $ 42 million.

“I didn’t agree,” Trump tweeted Sunday, “by making this very small (small) section of the wall, in a difficult area, by a private group that raised money with ads. It was only done to make me look bad, and perhsps now it doesn’t even work. It should have been built like the rest of the Wall, more than 500 miles. “(The misspelling of” maybe “was part of the tweet).