Trump implies a COVID-19 negative test, which prevents health

  • President Donald Trump asked Fox News on Thursday night whether he had yet tested negative for coronovirus.
  • Despite Trump’s claims that he has recovered from the disease after testing positive last week.
  • He told Hannity that “probably” would be tested on Friday, arguing that “there is no reason to test all the time.”
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President Donald Trump on Thursday night alleged that he had yet tested negative for coronovirus since his COVID-19 diagnosis, despite that he had recovered.

Speaking with Fox News anchor Sean Henetti, Trump questioned whether he had been tested since he had announced his positive test a week earlier and spent three nights in a hospital.

Henetti asked if Trump had tested positive since last week. Trump responded that he would most likely be tested on Friday and argued that there was no reason to be tested regularly.

“Well, what we’re doing will probably be tomorrow.” “Actual testing, because there is no reason to test all the time.”

Trump Walter Reid

Trump in a motorcycle outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on Sunday.

Alex Edelman / AFP via Getty Image

He has also previously avoided questioning Hannity on the test.

When Henetti asked if Trump had been tested recently, he replied: “Yes, I only saw the doctors today. They are in very good shape. I am in very good shape.”

And when Henetti asked if he tested negative, Trump did not respond and instead pointed to an experimental cocktail of antibodies. He said, “I’ll tell you that I took this Regeneron, and it’s unprecedented.”

White House physician Sean Conley said in a memo on Thursday that he felt Saturday might be Trump’s “safe return to public engagement.”

Trump told Hannity that he would lead a rally in Florida on Saturday night and a rally in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that COVID-19 patients wait 10 days after their symptoms first appear before others are around (unless they have had fever in the last 24 hours is).

The White House has confirmed that Trump tested positive for the virus last Thursday but has revealed few details about Trump’s symptoms or when someone first appeared.

Authorities have instead disrupted the president’s health details.

The White House would not say when Trump last tested negative before his positive diagnosis.

This means that it is unclear whether the people who Trump saw in the busy week before Trump got engaged are at risk or likely to be contagious.

Donald Trump Coronovirus

En route to Walter Reed last Friday after Tron tested positive for coronovirus.

Sate LOEB / AFP via Getty Image

As reported by Business Insider’s Jake Lahut and Oma Sedik, the last time Trump or anyone in the White House said on record that the president had tested negative.

And, while Trump has bragged about returning to full health, he has shown evidence of ongoing symptoms.

He appeared to be struggling to breathe in video footage while returning from the White House on Monday, and had a cough during an interview with Henetti on Thursday.

Trump’s treatment plan also stunned experts, who told Business Insider that Trump was given treatment usually reserved for critically ill patients. Experts said, this could either mean he was retreating or that he was more ill than his team.

Trump also returned to the White House, even with experts warning that the virus may not be the worst.

The withdrawal left many White House staffers fearful that he was still contagious.

According to a leaked report from FEMA, 34 people in Trump’s class tested positive earlier this week.

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