Trump Hunter Biden Hits, “I Don’t Know Beaver” Biden

Washington – President Trump attacks former Vice President Joe Biden on his Democratic rival’s son Hunter biden, Inviting his issues with substance abuse and the position on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burma, which was the subject of a recently concluded investigation by Senate Republicans.

In one of the most controversial exchanges of the controversial first presidential debate, Biden criticized Mr. Trump Claims that there were reports in the Atlantic He called the military “losers” and fallen members of the sucker.

“My son was in Iraq, he spent a year there. He got the Bronze Star, he got the Consecutive Service Medal,” Biden said of his late son, Beau Biden. “He was not a loser. He was a patriot, and those who remained behind were heroes.”

Mr. Trump interrupted the former Vice President, saying, “Are you talking about Hunter?” Biden said “I’m talking about my son, Bue Biden.”

Mr. Trump said again, “I don’t know Bu, I know Hunter.” Beawar Biden died From a brain tumor in 2015, when Biden was vice president.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden Participate in First Presidential Debate
CLEVELAND, OHIO – SEPTEMBER 29: US President Donald Trump and former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speak during the first presidential debate on September 29, 2020 at the Health Education Campus at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The president then claimed without evidence that Hunter Biden was dishonestly discharged from the military and “made a fortune” in Ukraine and Russia.

Biden denied Mr. Trump’s claims about Hunter Biden but admitted that his son had drug issues.

The former Vice President said, “They have fixed it, they have worked on it.” “I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my son.”

Hisar Biden’s term on Hirson Biden’s board was the subject of an annual investigation by a pair of Republican-led Senate committees and is often cited by Mr Trump as evidence of alleged wrongdoing by Democrats and Biddens.

A report from two committees released last week found that Hitler Biden’s position on Burma’s board was “problematic” and that Hitler Biden’s role in Burma’s board was “problematic” and to the extent that US policy for Ukraine was affected. Potential collision arose. “


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