Trump holds indoor campaign rally near Las Vegas

In open defiance of state regulations and its administration Universal epidemic Health Guidelines, President Trump on Sunday hosted his first indoor rally since June, telling a packed, almost mask-less crowd in Henderson, Nevada that the nation was making a “final turn” in defeating the virus.

Eager to bring a sense of normality to the imagery, Mr. Trump soaked husky cheers inside a warehouse. Wearing masks to a relatively small crowd, with one obvious exception: People standing directly behind the president, whose images would end up on TV, were mandated to cover the face.

Not since a Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was blamed They have gathered supporters indoors to increase the incidence of coronovirus infections. There was no initial mention from Mr. Trump that the epidemic killed nearly 200,000 Americans and was still claiming 1,000 lives a day.

“We’re not closing the country again. A shutdown will destroy the lives and dreams of millions of Americans,” Mr. Trump said, before using his inflammatory moniker for coronovirus. “We will defeat the China virus very easily.”

The rally in Tulsa, three months after the Corona virus reached the US coast, was a disaster for the campaign, a debilitation that showed a sea of ​​empty seats and an increase in COVID-19 cases, including its own staff. A prominent Trump supporter, businessman and former presidential candidate at the rally Herman Cain, died COVID-19 Weeks later, though it was unclear if he contracted the virus in Tulsa.

Recognizing that many supporters were uncomfortable gathering indoors in a large group where the virus spreads more easily, the Trump campaign shifted to holding smaller, outdoor rallies, usually at airplane hangars. But the size of those rallies have increased in recent weeks, with some social disturbances and some masks.

And on Sunday, they returned indoors as part of a Las Vegas-area summer. Upon entering the industrial site in Henderson, everyone was checked for temperature and encouraged to mask, while some wore them.

The Nevada government, Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, has limited the gatherings of people indoors and out to 50 people since May, a recommendation based on White House guidelines. In a statement released just before the rally began, Sisolak said that Mr. Trump is “taking reckless and selfish actions that are endangering countless lives in Nevada.”

Sisolak said of Mr. Trump’s handling of the virus, “to say it bluntly: he didn’t have the guts to make tough choices.” “They left the governors and the states. Now they have decided that they don’t have to respect the laws of our state. As usual, they don’t believe the rules apply to them.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Madison Mundy issued a statement saying that Mr. Trump had extolled Nevadas, so he could lie to spread his own ego. Trump is criminally selfish. This November, Nevada will again reject Trump and elect the de facto leaders. White House. ”

The City of Henderson on Sunday informed Xtreme Manufacturing that the planned incident was in direct violation of the Governor’s COVID-19 emergency directives and that penalties would be followed. The Trump campaign pushed back against the ban with the president saying he would support those in attendance “if the governor came after you.”

“If you can join the thousands of people performing on the streets, gambling in a casino, or burning small businesses in riots, you can hear from the President of the United States under the 1st Amendment of Peace Can gather from, ”said Tim Murto, Director of Communications Communications.

At this point, the campaign is not played as an election between Mr. Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, but a referendum on the president’s handling of the coronovirus. By a wide margin, Americans disapprove of Mr. Trump’s leadership in that region, as the United States has suffered more deaths than other countries.

Therefore, the presidential campaign believes it needs to change the subject and project the sentiment, albeit with evidence, that the epidemic was winding down and a vaccine was on the horizon. Part of the plan: Make images of the general situation, like a packed White House lawn for Mr. Trump’s conference speech, though it was unclear whether the audience was convinced or frightened.

In an hour-long speech in Henderson, Mr. Trump stamped out mandatory prison sentences for burning the flag, praising various UFC fighters in attendance and appearing to support extradition killings for those who targeted police officers.

He launched several attacks on Biden, calling him an exhausting career politician and disqualifying him as “president.”

But, Mr. Trump complained about the media’s coverage, saying, “Maybe he will win because they don’t like me, they don’t like my personality.” The crowd responded by chanting “We love you”.

The rally took place the night before Mr. Trump traveled to California to receive the briefing Destructive forest Race through the field. He has largely remained silent on blazes claiming dozens of lives in Oregon and California.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr. Trump aimed to encroach more with Latino who could determine the White House race, boosting the economic gains made before the coronovirus epidemic.

Although Mr. Trump has made scores of inflammatory and derogatory comments about Latino, his campaign is raising confidence that he has garnered some support that could help in Florida, Arizona and Nevada this weekend.

Winning support from Latino is a tough climb for the president, whose tough immigration policies and sometimes bizarre portrayal of immigrants have alienated many Hispanics.

In the first moments of his 2016 campaign, he announced that many Mexican immigrants were “rapists”. He was criticized for his reaction to the storm that devastated Puerto Rico, his politics to isolate children from their families on the US-Mexico border and his efforts to end an Obama-era program Tax, which allows young migrants living illegally in the country to live in America brought here as children

“They understand the situation on the southern border. They want people to come in and I do it, but they want them to do it legally,” Mr. Trump told a small group of supporters in Las Vegas. “While Joe Biden has failed, I have delivered for Latino.”

There is growing concern among Democrats that their vice president, former vice president, has not done enough to mobilize Latino voters. His running mate, California general Kamala Harris, did little to excuse Florida’s growing and politically influential Latino population during a halt last week. Biden did not set foot in Arizona or Nevada during the general election campaign, which he has operated primarily due to coronovirus.

Mr. Trump sewed up his pitch in Latino on Sunday, confirming his anti-abortion stance before COVID-19 reached US shores in view of his low unemployment rate. He gave his recent push on law and order, saying the recent violence in American cities put Latino in danger. He was scheduled to hold a similar program in Arizona on Monday.