Trump hits Biden’s record on jobs at Michigan rally

President Trump broke Joe Biden’s employment creation record on Thursday evening at a raucous rally at Michigan’s major battleground, calling the former physician a “Washington vulture”.

“If Biden is elected, China will own America. Washington vultures such as Biden and others rip off entire towns across the state, ”Trump told a crowd of supporters at an overflow airport hangar in Freeland, Michigan.

Michigan lost half of all manufacturing jobs after trade deals that continued during the 90-minute address.

Trump won the state by a margin of 10,704 votes amid heavy resentment over Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the Wolverines are hoping for a more resounding victory in the state this November.

Once a thriving hub of automobile manufacturing, Michigan has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs due to free trade deals such as NAFTA and China’s accession to the World Trade Organization – both deals backed by Biden.

“No president has been better for Michigan, remember this, and I’m going to miss Michigan,” Trump said for “four years” of cheers.

President Donald Trump played applause during the publicity rally.
President Donald Trump played applause during the publicity rally.Reuters

He went to prison over the past 47 years against the “terrible damage that incited Biden” and claimed the Obama-Biden administration “almost killed the American auto industry.”

“Joe Biden supported the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would be a death sentence for American auto jobs. I dropped out of TPP in my first week of office. It was very easy. ”

“You are not making a car.” You will be buying a car from foreign lands. We have enough, ”he continued.

Trump’s trip to Rustabel State came on the heels of his opponent’s swing through Michigan on Wednesday.

Biden is ahead by 4.2 percentage points in RealClearPolitics’ polling average, but half of the 8.4-point gain over Trump held in early June.

Surrounded by Ford trucks and American flags in Detroit on Wednesday, Biden’s “Made in America” ​​stage appeared straight out of Trump’s playbook.

The former VP said he would impose a 10 percent penalty for offshoring jobs and that Trump failed to live up to his promises to create American manufacturing jobs.

“About 20,000 auto manufacturing jobs have been lost in Michigan under Trump. Around 80,000 were created during the Obama-Biden administration, ”Biden said.

“Trump was creating at least 500,000 jobs per year compared to the last three years when President Obama and I were in office,” Biden said before the epidemic.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Topper a few hours before Trump came on stage, Biden admitted that Trump’s USMCA deal was “better than NAFTA.”

Trump also hit Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for the coronovirus lock-down, which sparked armed protests, saying, “Open your state, Madam governor, open your state.”

“Like Nancy Pelosi, your governor is a liberal pretender who lives by a different set of rules,” the president said, referring to the speaker’s maskless tour of a hair salon in San Francisco.

“Her husband was caught trying to put his boat in the water on Memorial Day when she was ordering Michigan people to stay in their homes and force businesses into bankruptcy,” Trump said. he said.

Additional reporting by Steven Nelson