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Trump has decided in private accusations of sexual assault against Roy Moore are bunk

President Donald Trump has privately told his confidants during the past week that he firmly believes in Roy Moore's innocence and does not hesitate at all to support the beleaguered candidate of the Alabama Senate, according to three sources close to President The Daily Beast.

the conviction sets him apart from other Republicans – including some supporters of Moore – who have said they rely on the accounts of the many women who have accused the former Supreme Court president of sexually abusing them when they were teenagers.

"This is not something he is fighting with," a senior White House official told The Daily Beast of Trump.

The president has even begun to adopt some of Moore's most extravagant lines of defense to reject accusations that the candidate's guilt is beyond doubt.

Two of the sources, one working in the Trump administration and the other friend of the president, noted that in recent conversations Trump has begun to emphasize that the firm "Roy Moore, DA" in the yearbook of a woman who publicly accused the candidate for sexual assault, a forgery is likely. The president has found the signature suspicious, according to these sources. Moore has also underlined this. The experts, on the other hand, do not agree.

"" This is not something he's fighting with ""

A senior White House official

The accusations against Moore produced a sudden surge of support for the rival Democrat Doug Jones, according to polls, but those numbers have recently receded in Moore's direction, and sources say the president saw parallels with his own experiences last year, when he defended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton his own round of accusations of sexual misconduct, spurred by a recording of him bragging about attacking women.

Contacted to comment on Tuesday afternoon, White House spokesman Raj Shah asked if the sources of The Daily Beast were anonymous, but did not answer the questions. Those sources are, in fact, anonymous. They spoke in that condition to discuss private conversations more freely.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary S arah Huckabee Sanders said during a press conference that "the president's position has not changed" and said Trump still finds the women's stories "worrisome", although he warned that the administration does not "have a way to validate" the veracity of the prosecutors' accounts. "

But in recent days, Trump's cronies tell The Daily Beast that their confidence in the story's version Moore's story has been strengthened.

After Moore's initial story published in The Washington Post last month, Trump and his senior advisers were unsure of how to proceed, publicly adopting a critical stance, with the president's daughter, Ivanka, saying there was a "special place in hell" for child molesters and his director of legislative affairs, Marc Short, insinuating that they would keep their distance.

"[1 9459030] f [Trump] did not believe that the accusations of women were credible, would be bearish campaigning for Roy Moore. He did not do that, "White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said last month.

But Trump began expressing private doubts about Moore's accusations last month, Politico reported. The Daily Beast reported earlier, some of Trump's closest advisers, inside and outside the White House, recommended that he not publicly criticize Moore before the Alabama election, instead adopting the strategy of attacking Jones without mentioning the Moore's name, reinforcing Trump's preferences at that moment.

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When Trump finally intervened in the controversy, he told reporters that Moore "denies it, denies it totally." That's all I can say. "When asked if he believed in Moore's accusers, Trump responded immediately:" Forty years is a long time. "He has run eight races and this has never happened."

On Monday morning, Trump tweeted his first official Moore endorsement, and later called the Alabama Republican on Air Force One. "Go for them, Roy!" Trump said, according to reports.

On Tuesday, Trump reiterated his support for Moore, telling reporters in the West wing that "we do not want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me." We want strong borders, we want to stop crime, we want to have the things we represent and we certainly do not want to have a liberal democrat controlled by Nancy Pelosi and controlled by Chuck Schumer, we do not want to have that for Alabama. "

And although the White House and the president have no official plans for Trump to campaign for Moore in Alabama before the night of next week's election, President Trump will be in the vicinity of Florida at a political rally. This week. [19659002] Trump's impetus to Moore carries obvious risks, among which are the political complications associated with being so closely associated with a candidate accused of child sexual abuse, but sources say that Trump has been driven by hardening of the career between Jones and Moore, and that the most recent polls took into account his decision to unequivocally endorse the candidate.Watching the prospect of a victory in the Senate, he has been telling his aides and confidants that he no longer considers the accusations be credible or persuasive.

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