Trump gets experimental medicine aimed at curbing critical illness ::

The experimental antibody drug given to President Donald Trump has been called one of the most promising approaches to prevent severe illness from COVID-19 infection.

Its manufacturer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. Said the company agreed to supply a single dose to Trump under “compassionate use” provisions to a physician when an experimental drug is provided by Case-Buy. The case’s emergency basis, while its study continues.

The new drug is under late trial and its safety and effectiveness are not yet known. No treatment has yet been proven to be able to prevent severe disease following a coronovirus infection.

According to officials, Trump was given experimental medicine at the White House on Friday before being taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Until now, Trump had only mild symptoms, including fatigue.

Several physicians who have treated COVID-19, including Dr. David Boulware at the University of Minnesota, had speculated that doctors might use the antibody drug, noting that this approach has worked against other diseases in the past.

“They sit around the bus to look for the sick and are not going to look,” Boulware said.

How does it work

Antibodies are proteins that the body makes when an infection occurs; They attach to a virus and help the immune system eliminate it. Vaccines trick the body into thinking there is an infection, so it makes these antibodies.

But they may take a few weeks to form after a natural infection or vaccine. The aim of the drugs is to immediately provide the protection that works best against coronovirus in laboratory and animal tests by supplying concentrated versions of one or two antibodies.

Regeneron’s drug contains two antibodies that will work. The company first developed a successful Ebola treatment with an antibody combo.

What a big address

The drug is given as a one-time treatment through an IV. In several studies, Regeneron is testing it to try to prevent infection and to prevent serious illness or death in people already infected like Trump.

Earlier this week, Regeneron said partial results from about 275 COVID-19 patients who were not ill enough to require hospitalization suggested how long the bite could occur and patients with the virus Helps reduce the amount of

However, the study is not complete, the results were announced only in a company news release and have not been published or reviewed by other scientists.

Trump’s other remedies

Trump’s physician, Drs. Sean Conley said late Friday that Trump was also given an antiviral drug remediesvir at a military hospital. Gilead Sciences medicine has been shown to help some COVID-19 patients recover faster.

Earlier, Conley said Trump was also taking zinc, vitamin D, an antacid called famotidine, melatonin and aspirin. None of them has been shown to be effective against COVID-19.

Trump is apparently not receiving hydroxychloroquine, a drug he has widely publicized that has been shown in many studies to be ineffective to prevent or treat COVID-19.


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