Trump: ‘George Washington must have faced a difficult time before beating me.’ –

Trump: ‘George Washington must have faced a difficult time before beating me.’

President TrumpThe Donald John Trumpeteers Union has called for funding education in the relief bill, launching an advertisement of 0. FDA Head Pledges We Will ‘Not Cut Corners’ On Coronovirus Vaccine Let Our Values ​​Run COVID-19 Liability Protection During a radio interview on Tuesday it was stated that “George Washington would have given him a hard time to beat him in a pre-match pandemic”.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen, elections going up like a rocket ship. I must have had a hard time beating George Washington before the plague, China before the plague. And then, you know. Every other country. Like, like in other countries, when you get hit, it affects you, and we went down a little bit, “Trump told conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

Trump has repeatedly blamed China for their increasing numbers, even saying in several US surveys that they are angry with the Trump administration dealing with the coronovirus epidemic.

The presidential approval was 47.3 percent in the Real Clear Politics Index as of March 31 in the early weeks of the epidemic bandh.

In early July, the index had fallen to 41.1 percent. As of Tuesday morning it was at 43 percent.

Trump Trail Present Democratic Nominee Joe BidenJoe Bidentrump says he is ‘seriously’ considering a capital gains tax deduction that Joe Biden is having trouble saying Harris preferred Biden edges closer to VP Pick. RealClearPolitics averaged 7.2 points. The former vice-president led by more than 10 points at the end of June at the same average.

In Trump’s extensive interview with Hewitt on the Salem radio network, he called the former Secretary of State Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHarris favored VP Pique as Biden edges, Juan Williams investigation of Ron Johnson subpoenas documents from FBI director as part of Russia’s investigation: Older voters didn’t forgive Trump for the trophy “Smart,” disliking Biden.

“if [Biden] Goes and argues, if he said ‘Yes, I had a wonderful breakfast, thanks for asking the question,’ they would give it to him, they would say that it was one of the greatest answers in history. So you know, I know what I’m up against, and I got small doses of it with Hillary. But Hillary was clever. Who was never smart. Which was not smart in prime time, ”Trump said.

The Biden campaign has agreed to three debates in October, with the commission rejecting the addition of a fourth to link a call from the Trump campaign to presidential claims.


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