Trump fears suburban after Philadelphia shooting

As of Wednesday, Trump, who is behind Biden by 4 to 5 percentage points in Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty On Democratic Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny: “This is a terrible thing, what I’m seeing is terrible, and frankly that the mayor or whoever it is is not allowing people to riot and rob and stop them Hai, that’s also a terrible thing. I saw this incident, everybody did it – it was on television, it was a terrible incident, I think it’s being watched very strongly. “

“You can’t let it go.” Again – a Democrat-run state, a Democrat-run city, Philadelphia, “he said, noting that Biden” does not want to condemn him. “

Democrats – both nationally and locally – are well aware of the high stakes of responding to civil unrest in the largest city in the most important swing states. During the past few months, Biden has maintained a similar response to police firing and civilian Unrest despite where it occurs: He stopped the killings and retained the protesters’ right to speak peacefully, while condemning any looting or violence.

His outlook this week has been no different. The next day after Wallace’s death, Biden released a statement with his running mate Kamala Harris, which wrote, “Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those who have another in America Blacks suffer from the emotional weight of learning about life. We cannot accept that a mental health crisis in this country ends in death. “

On the campaign trail on Wednesday, he said, “I say there is no excuse for looting and violence. Nobody, nothing. I think it is perfectly legitimate to be able to protest.”

In the wake of the shooting in Philadelphia, Biden’s team consulted with local elected officials, including state representatives. Malcolm Kenyatta, who is close to the campaign.

“I know Congressman [Cedric] Richmond is reaching out on the ground to hear directly from the people what they need and to talk about some of the things they want to do to improve the VPP, Kenyatta Said referring to Biden’s campaign co-chairman. “When there are moments of trauma, I think the first thing you need to do is do it. And I think that’s what they want to do.”

Trump’s campaign and state Republicans apparently consider the looting after protests against police brutality – and Biden’s response works in its favor. Earlier this year, Matthew Wolfe, leader of the GOP ward in Philadelphia, Said, “Every time a robbers breaks a window on Chestnut Street, Trump picks up some votes.”

So far, however, Trump’s harsh approach And the months-long efforts to intimidate suburban voters have fallen flat. National elections have found that voters rely more on Biden to handle public safety and race relations. According to a survey by the Institute for Public Religion Research, the majority of Americans think Trump has encouraged white supremacists.

A recent Monmouth poll in Pennsylvania also showed that Biden is more reliable here than Trump for managing law and order. Women, people of color and white college educated voters are particularly likely to put their faith in Biden on this issue.

“There are some reasons why the message doesn’t resonate so much. Part of it I think is just a basic misunderstanding: This is an old view of urban-suburban relationships in Philadelphia, ”said JJ Balaban, Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania. “Trump was making a very powerful appeal in the late 1980s, but far less than the appeal right now.”

Madeleine Dean, a Democratic Congressmen representing neighboring Montgomery County said their suburban areas do not see the way police shoot Trump.

“My suburban voters, my constituents don’t see it that way,” she told POLITICO. “They see it as a problem of a black man, whether in the city or in the suburbs, the police should not fire a gun. And then They also see that the blame game is unfair. “

Most Democratic elected officials in Philadelphia sought to avoid directly responding to Trump’s vulgar comments, treating them as if they were fodder.

“I don’t comment on Donald Trump’s stuff,” Kenney said on Wednesday. “We have enough to do in the city. We have enough issues that we have to deal with and that does not provide any positive help in any situation. “

Democratic Village. Tom Wolf’s administration similarly avoided the question when asked to respond to the Trump administration’s comment that it could send federal law enforcement to the city. Wolf later mobilized the Pennsylvania National Guard following a request from the city government.

One exception is Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Kasner, in a scorching Statement Accusing the Trump administration that “before an election he is horrified to lose gasoline on a long-burning fire to incite unrest and violence.”

Wolf’s decision to request the Pennsylvania National Guard has led to some differences among state Democrats. Isaiah Thomas, a Philadelphia city counselor, questioned whether It is necessary.

“I think we have to be careful with the message that we are sending to people,” he said. “I think it is important to recognize that when you see some negative activity and the unrest that has occurred, there is often a distinct difference between people who are protesting and looting and destroying civilian protests. “

But Thomas said he had no concerns that the National Guard would affect voters’ ability to vote or go to satellite election offices: “I don’t think there’s anything going to deter Philadelphia citizens who vote Plans to exercise his authority. “

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