Trump “false news” attacks could help CNN in DOJ lawsuit, says Obama’s lawyer


President Donald Trump's tweets on Saturday that included calling CNN "false news" could come back to haunt him as the Justice Department struggles to prevent network owner Time Warner from joining AT & T, he warned. the principal White House ethics lawyer. a colorful tweet

"Dear Chief Dodo, do you realize that this tweet is going to be an exhibition against you in the DOJ-Time Warner antitrust case? It also smells like collusion, since you did it the day Vlad cracked the US networks, "wrote lawyer Norman Eisen. "For that reason, you can open other civil liability."

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The president issued a tweet on Saturday that praised Fox News for being superior to CNN. and accused him of misrepresenting the United States for the rest of the world.

. "@ FoxNews is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside the US, CNN International remains a major source of (false) news, and represents our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth of them! ", Wrote Trump.

Just days earlier, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to block the acquisition of Time Warner for $ 85 billion from AT & T, claiming that the merger would hurt the Americans by creating a media monopoly that "It would substantially reduce competition, resulting in higher prices and less innovation for millions of Americans."

But Trump's latest tweet in his ongoing dispute with CNN could give lawyers the ammunition they need to prove their Justice Department simply wants to stop the merger because the president does not like the network, suggests Eisen.

Trump also sent the tweet the same day that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law requiring foreign media in his country to be registered as foreign agents. Lawyers could use the moment as evidence of collusion, said Obama's lawyer.

The president has a long history of using the social media platform for [1945] 9013] attack CNN the most notable thing is that he tweeted a video in July about him hitting a man whose face is covered with the logo of the network.

CNN roared against Trump's latest tweet, telling him it's his job, not theirs, to represent the United States internationally.

"It's not CNN's job to represent the United States before the world, that's yours, our job is to report the news, #FactsFirst," the outlet's communications team tweeted.

Trump senior officials reportedly tried to stop him tweeting, and 69 percent of Americans believe that the former reality television star should also resign.

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