Trump faces bipartisan, international push for Western Sahara recognition

President TrumpDonald Trumpen man shot in Washington state during violent election protests, Trump-protesters, counter-protesters and police clash in DC after election dayThe decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty in the region of Western Sahara contesting elections to resume relations with Israel is coming against bipartisan and international pushback.

Welcoming the increasing number of countries that normalize relations with Israel, critics believe that these deals are coming with large arms sales as well as disregard for human rights.

He reprimanded the president for forcing out decades of multilateral arbitration and forcing land grabs into force in violation of international law.

The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said, “I am concerned with the declaration that the UN supports a credible, internationally supported process to resolve the territorial dispute over Western Sahara.” Eliot EngelEliot Lance Engeltop House Democrats have warned against Trump’s Western Sahara designation that the AAOA director has assured that the House staff approves the defense policy bill despite the threat of a Trump veto. (DN.Y.) said on Thursday.

“The cancellation of legitimate multilateral routes to resolve conflict only forces countries like Russia and China to trample on international rules and norms and reward the rights of transgressors and free people,” he said. ”

Trump announced on Twitter on Thursday that the US would recognize Moroccan claims in the projected territory in Western Sahara, while Rabat would resume diplomatic relations with Jerusalem.

This decision hit Sen severely. James inhofeJames (Jim) Mount Inhofvernite Defense: Congress Sent Trump Defense Bill Which They Threaten to Veto Senate Approves Stopgap Spending Bill to Prevent Shutdown. Navy is searching for navigators. Senate passes defense bill, defense pick faces major hurdle to fight Trump veto (R-Okla.), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and an associate of the chairman. He termed the move as “shocking and deeply disappointing” in recognition of Rabat’s claims in Western Sahara.

“I am sorry that the rights of the Western Saharan people have been violated,” he said.

Morocco annexed parts of Western Sahara in 1979, but did not receive international recognition for its claims in opposition to the conflict with the separatist Polisario Front, which represents the indigenous Saharawi people. Thousands of Sahastra refugees currently live in neighboring Algeria, which supports their independence movement.

A referendum to determine the region’s final status has stalled since the United Nations halted the ceasefire agreement in 1991, and an international peacekeeping force has monitored the situation for decades.

The head of the EU’s foreign policy, Josep Borel, said on Thursday that the EU remains committed to the United Nations’ efforts to resolve the conflict, while supporting support to resume relations between Israel and Morocco.

Trump and administration officials touted success in diplomatic relations with Morocco as part of their breakthrough with the Abraham Accord, touting relations between Abraham, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan.

Trump has branded these deals as a legacy of his foreign policy, considering himself the only one worthy of such successes.

The increasing number of countries that normalize relations with Israel is also a major priority for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin (BB) Netanyahmore, Which is likely to face the fourth round of elections soon and is reeling from popular discontent over its growing legal battles.

“Do you think Sleepy who could have done this deal, Bibi?” Trump asked Netanyahu in a call from the Oval Office to announce a settlement with Sudan.

Presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenpro-Trump protesters, counter-protesters and police confrontation in DC after Election Day, Castro says Biden ‘still has work to do’ on cabinet diversity ‘says Robert Zolik in Human Rights, European Relations, Biden Foreign Policy More to play the lead role Progress has been welcomed by the Trump administration to open Israel to the Arab world, but has stressed the need to re-engage and coordinate with allies in resolving global conflicts, particularly in the European Union.

The Biden transition team declined to comment on the most recent developments in the region.

“President-Elect Biden has supported other generalization agreements over the past several months, so I think he would support this generalization as well,” said David Makowski, Ziegler reputed fellow at the Washington Institute.

He sees Arab and Israeli allies as something that is in America’s interest for the stability of the region, and for unifying Israel to reach peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors for decades. Keeping in mind the bipartisan desire for policy. In the Middle East, “he said.

The Trump administration has offered significant impetus to growing the number of Muslim and Arab-majority countries that engage with Israel, but those steps have come against the pushback of Democrats, who are likely to have a stronger hand with the Biden administration.

This includes a $ 23 billion arms sale in the United Arab Emirates after establishing a relationship with Israel. A democratic-led resolution seeking to block arms sales to pass the Senate in a vote on Wednesday failed.

Democratic pushback in the Senate, however, is threatening the Trump administration’s promises to Sudan as part of their new agreement. Democratic censor. Charles SchumerChuck Schumermembers from both sides applaud the Supreme Court’s decision. The committee approaches the bipartisan deal to protect patients from medical bills that surprise them. Trump’s political future depends on whether he can change more (NY) more Bob menendezRobert (Bob) MenendezOvernight Defense: Biden defends choosing retired general for Pentagon Head House Passing Weekly Stopgap Spending Bill | Senate rejects Trump’s attempt to block UAE arms sales. Senate rejects Trump’s attempt to block UAE arms sales. Big banks get big break on pending whistleblower legislation (NJ) is enacting legislation providing immunity to the East African nation in the US for terrorism-related lawsuits over concerns of claims of victims of 9/11 in the country.

Sudan is reportedly withdrawing from its promise to establish full relations with Israel over the deadlock in Congress.

For Morocco, the recognition of their claims in the Western Sahara legitimizes efforts to demarcate established areas of control with the construction of a 1,700-mile-long berm – partly made of sand and stone – and reinforced by landmines. is.

In addition to regional recognition, Trump is reportedly advancing a sale of US-made weapons and military drones to Rabat and $ 3 billion in commercial investment over three years.

Former Trump National Security Advisor John boltonJohn Bolton Helicon Valley: Federal agencies warn hackers targeting online K-12 classes. California wants to join DOJ antitrust case against Google. Senate Approves Defense Bill to Establish Cyber ​​Caesar Status Senate Approves Defense Bill to Establish Cyber ​​Caesar Status, Subpoena Power Defense Policy Bill for Cyber ​​Agency Will Create New Cyber ​​Caesar Status, Who had accelerated efforts to resume negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front and was deeply involved in the efforts of the issue at the United Nations in the 1990s, criticized the president’s recognition of Morocco’s claim.

Bolton wrote on Twitter, “It was wrong for Trump to leave a thirty-year foreign policy on Western foreign policy just to win a swift foreign policy.” “An Israel-Morocco Deal Was Possible Without Leaving [the] America’s commitment on the endorsement referendum [Western Sahara’s] Future. “

Karim Meezaran, director of the North Africa Initiative with the Atlantic Council, said US policy changes could contribute to tensions and fighting in the region, with its establishment being the most significant breach of the cease-fire in the past month.

“Tensions have been rising in the region for some time, but this incident may accelerate renewed confrontation between the two Maghrebi states,” Mezaran said. “In other words, this generalization in return for the recognition of Morocco’s claims on the Western Sahara would be a success of the Moroccan monarchy if it did not descend into a military confrontation with Algeria.”

That fear was echoed by Engel, who in his statement “continued to exercise restraint on all parties in North Africa, avoid violence and work towards a just and lasting solution.”

Jared KushnerJared Corey KushnerMnuchin faces heat on trucking company Tronovirus Rescue Loans Trump says more voters to resume diplomatic relations with Morocco Israel say forgiveness for Trump’s family would be unfair: poll and, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, said American recognition of Western Sahara was an “imperative” that would contribute to progress in the region.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, he said, “This is an issue that has been out for a long time and quite frankly there has been no progress on a resolution.”

“And hopefully, this step is – No. 1, recognizing the inevitability of what is going to happen, but it could also break logjam to possibly help advance issues in the Western Sahara, where we are in Polisario Wanting people is a better opportunity to live a better life. And the President felt that this struggle was taking him back, as opposed to bringing it forward. “


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