Trump explained ‘unwillingness to embrace intelligence community, accused of’ dirty coops’

President Trump on Tuesday explained his “unwillingness to take office”, the US intelligence community taking office, blaming former President Obama officials and calling them “dirty coops” and “slabjabs”.

The president made his broad debut by shouting slogans to his former White House national security adviser, John Bolton, who said he has repeatedly claimed that Trump relied more on Russian President Vladimir Putin than on American intelligence agencies.

Bolton completes TON REPREHENSIBLE CONDUCT ‘trophy

Trump tweeted, “John Bolton, the government and sadly I have met the public and one of the unhappy people I am often told I respect more than Vladimir Putin of Russia.”

“Of course, that’s not true, if the first people you met with so-called American intelligence were the Dirty Cops who are now proven to be sleazebags at the highest level like James Comey, the proven false James Clapper, and perhaps the lowest of them all. ., Waco John Brennan, who led the CIA, you can probably understand my reluctance to hug! ”Trump tweeted.

The president’s tweets come after Bolton, who was removed from his post as national security adviser last year, published all the memoirs of his time working in the Trump administration.

During an interview earlier this summer to discuss his memoir, Bolton said that Putin feels he can play “Trump” as a fiddle.

Members present in the House said that top officials had produced ‘no specific evidence’ of the ‘Trump-Russia’ group.

“I think Putin is smart, strict – I think he sees that he’s not coping with a serious adversary here,” Bolton said during an ABC News interview about the president’s relationship with Putin said. “I don’t think he’s worried about Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, the president has for years drawn former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director James Brennan, and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

Earlier this year, the House Intelligence Committee released tapes revealing Obama’s top officials about whether evidence of such collusion, coordination, or conspiracy was seen between the Trump campaign and the Russians – the issue led the FBI Broke the initial case of. Later investigation by former special counsel Robert Muller.

Clapper testified in 2017, “I never saw direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or anyone in it was conspiring to hold elections with the Russians.” Were looking, actual evidence. … but I do not remember any instance where I had direct evidence. ”

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The president’s tweets also come as Connecticut’s US Attorney John Durham is investigating the origins of the Russia investigation. It is unclear whether Durham’s investigation will be completed before the 2020 presidential election.